Ejari Renewal Process in 2024: What You Need to Know


In Dubai's ever-changing real estate landscape, ensuring your legal standing and continued enjoyment of your home necessitates a clear understanding of the Ejari renewal process in 2024. 

Dubai, a diverse city with residents from across the globe, is a unique and bustling metropolis. In this cosmopolitan hub, Ejari registration is the linchpin of your legal rights and tenancy agreements, providing structure and protection in this city’s competitive rental market.

It's essential to recognize that laws and regulations can evolve, making it more crucial than ever to have precise and up-to-date information regarding Ejari renewal and registration.

Documents Required for Ejari Renewal in 2024

Having the right documentation is paramount for Ejari renewal. Ensuring that your paperwork is in order can make the process smoother and hassle-free. Let's take a closer look at the essential documents required for Ejari renewal.

Copy of the Unified Tenancy Contract

The unified tenancy contract is the cornerstone of your rental agreement in Dubai. To renew your ejari registration, you'll need to provide a copy of this contract. Here's how you can obtain it:

  • Via the Real Estate Services Trustee Offices: If you have the original unified tenancy contract, present it along with your UAE ID card. If you are renewing on behalf of someone else through a power of attorney, ensure you have the official power of attorney with you. Please note that if the power of attorney is issued from a different emirate, it must be attached.
  • Via the Ejari System for Real Estate Companies, Owners, and Their Representatives: For those with the authority to use the Ejari system, this is a convenient option for submitting the required documentation.

Ejari Renewal Process

Renewing your Ejari registration in 2024 is a straightforward process, but it's essential to follow the right steps to ensure a smooth experience. 

Via the Real Estate Services Trustee:

Step 1: Begin by visiting one of the service centers - Real Estate Services Trustee Centers. Alternatively, if your property is managed by a real estate management company, you can head to their headquarters.

Step 2: Submit all the required documents to ensure nothing is missing.

Step 3: An employee will enter the transaction details into the system, which will be audited and approved.

Step 4: Pay the necessary fees and receive a payment receipt.

Step 5: You will be handed a contract registration certificate along with your tenancy contract.

Via the Online System or Application:

You can also conveniently obtain your Ejari registration online. Here’s how.

Step 1: If you're using the online system or Dubai REST App for the first time, start by signing up and creating an account. If you're a returning user, simply log in and select the ejari renewal service.

Step 2: Fill in the required details and attach the necessary documents.

Step 3: Pay the applicable fees and submit your application online.

Step 4: Your application will be received and reviewed.

Step 5: Upon approval, you'll receive a contract registration certificate via email.

How to Find Ejari Offices Near You

If you prefer offline registration for your Ejari renewal in Dubai, you can conveniently visit one of the approved Ejari typing centers, also known as Trustee Centers. These centers are spread across various areas of the emirate, making it easier for you to find one in proximity to your location.

Here is a list of some Ejari typing centers in Dubai:

  • Al Tabu Real Estate Trustee Services: Located on Al Nahda Road, Al Qusais 2.
  • Al Taresh Real Estate Services Trustee: Situated within Dubai Municipality at the Al Kifaf Center.
  • Takhlees Government Services: Found at Creek Tower, Baniyas Road, Deira.
  • Al Manara Real Estate Registration Trustee: Conveniently located at Al Manara Centre on Sheikh Zayed Road, Al Safa.

The presence of multiple Ejari typing centers across the city gives you the flexibility to choose the one that is nearest and most convenient for you. 

Ejari Renewal Costs

The fees for Ejari renewal can vary depending on where and how you choose to complete the process. Here's a breakdown of the costs associated with Ejari renewal:

Via the Dubai REST App / the Department's Website:

  • AED 100 for registering a tenancy contract: This is the base fee for registering your tenancy contract.
  • AED 10 knowledge fee
  • AED 10 innovation fee

Via Real Estate Services Trustee Centers:

  • AED 120: The base fee for Ejari renewal when done through Real Estate Services Trustee Centers.
  • Service partners’ fees (AED 95 + VAT): In addition to the base fee, service partners' fees of AED 95 plus VAT are applicable when renewing your Ejari through these centers.

It's important to note that if your previous Ejari contracts have not been submitted to the system before, you won't be able to renew your current one. 

In such cases, you should register your earlier tenancy contract first, in accordance with the regulations set by the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA). Ensuring that your previous contracts are in the system is a vital step in the Ejari renewal process.

How to Cancel Your Ejari

Ejari cancellation is a critical step in the Dubai rental process, and it becomes necessary when a tenant plans to leave the property before the agreed-upon lease term concludes. In simpler terms, you cancel your Ejari registration when ending your tenancy prematurely or when both the landlord and tenant decide not to renew the contract at the end of the lease.

According to the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) rules, only one Ejari registration is allowed for each property. If the previous Ejari registration for a property is not canceled, the tenant cannot register a new Ejari for another property. Similarly, landlords are unable to lease their property to a new party without cancelling the existing Ejari.

As for the question of who should initiate the Ejari cancellation process, it is the landlord's responsibility to cancel Ejari as soon as the tenant vacates their property.

You have the flexibility to cancel your Ejari contract, whether you are a tenant or a landlord, through the trustees' centers or the dedicated Ejari app. This termination can occur either before the tenancy period officially concludes or at its expiry date, depending on your preference and circumstances.   

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