Title Deed Verification in Dubai: Ensuring Property Ownership Authenticity


Real property is a leading investment option in our economy. While it is important to look out for and recognize the right opportunities, it is equally crucial that you are vigilant when it comes to the paperwork.

What is a Title Deed?

A Dubai Title Deed is a legal document that serves as proof of ownership for a property in Dubai. It is a crucial document that establishes the rights and responsibilities of the property owner. 

The Title Deed contains essential information such as the property's location, size, and ownership details. It is issued by the Dubai Land Department and is considered the official record of property ownership in the emirate. The title deed fee is 4% of the property's sale value, payable by the buyer.

This piece of legal document is the major requirement in every step of the way in leasing or buying a property: i.e registering for Ejari and utilities, obtaining a move-in permit, No Objection Certificate for resale from the Developer, utility & service charges clearance certificate and/or mortgage application, just to name a few.

Why You Need to Verify the Title Deed

Being a smart investor means doing the due diligence before investing your money, time and effort in a property. As either a buyer or a tenant, it is imperative to verify the authenticity of proof of ownership (title deed for completed properties; Oqood for off-plan properties) before placing a security deposit cheque and signing a contract. 

You have to be certain that the property is free from encumbrance, a court case, or any legal impediment. You should also be able to recognize the warning signs of investment fraud.

The Dubai Land Department or DLD – on its own objective to provide all information in one place –makes it easier and more convenient for everyone to check the authenticity of the Title Deed. This is part of efforts to contribute to the enhancement of the competitiveness of the real estate market in Dubai and moves it to excellence by establishing the principles of transparency and professional standards. 

Checking the authenticity of your title deed is just one click away, so make sure it is the first step in investing right.

Steps in Title Deed Verification:

1- Install Dubai Rest from your mobile app store or go to the DLD website.

2- Select Title Deed Verification from the home page of Dubai Rest or DLD website.

3- Provide the title deed information such as:

  • Certificate Number (Can be found below the barcode or QR code of the title deed; Contract Number for Oqood)
  • Certificate Year (Can be found below the barcode or QR code of the title deed; Contract Year for Oqood)
  • Property Type: Land, Unit, or Villa
  • Owner’s Name

4-  Click on the Validate tab to see the title deed status. Check whether it is: valid, mortgaged, restrained, blocked, or invalid.

In case the title deed is provided by a power of attorney, then you might consider validating the POA here.

That is all there is to it. One simple step that you can take before you invest. Conducting thorough title deed verification is of utmost importance when dealing with properties in Dubai. By verifying the title deed, you can ensure the authenticity and legality of property ownership, mitigating the risk of fraudulent transactions or disputes. 


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    When you get a response from REST App saying, Property is Restricted in Status, what does it mean?
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    What about 2 owners of a property? How do i get a title deed?

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