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This chart ranks Dubai’s tallest buildings by height and features data on each project. A building’s height dimensions, functions, developer, location, global and regional ranking are included. 

Dubai's Tallest Buildings Ranking

RankNameStatusGlobal RankingMiddle East RankingAddressBuilding FunctionConstruction StartCompletionDeveloperTotal Heght(meter)No of ApartmentNo of RoomNo of Parking
1Burj KhalifaCompleted111 Emaar Boulevardoffice / residential / hotel20042010Emaar Properties829.89003042957
2Princess TowerCompleted183Al Sufouh Road, Dubai Marinaresidential20062012Tameer Holding Investment414763 957
323 MarinaCompleted215A-23-D, Plot No.392-568, Al Marsa, Dubai Marinaresidential20062012 392.4289 586
4Elite ResidenceCompleted277Al Sufouh Road, Dubai Marinaresidential20072012Tameer Holding Investment381697 788
5Almas TowerCompleted328Jumeirah Lake Towers Complexoffice20052008 360  1700
6JW Marriott Marquis HotelCompleted339Sheikh Zayed Roadhotel20062012 355.4 8041045
8Emirates Tower OneCompleted3511Jumeirah Emirates Towers Complexoffice 2000 354.6   
9The TorchCompleted3712Area 392-204 Dubai Marinaresidential20052011 352676 686
10Rose Rayhaan by RotanaCompleted5114105 Sheikh Zayed Roadhotel20042007 333 684 
11Al Yaqoub TowerCompleted5715Sheikh Zayed Roadhotel / office20062013 328 214362
12The IndexCompleted5916Dubai International Finance Centreresidential / office20052010 326520 2442
13Burj Al ArabCompleted6418Jumeirah Beach Road, P.O. Box 74147hotel19941999 321 202 
15HHHR TowerCompleted711938 Sheikh Zayed Roadresidential20062010 317.6454  
16Ocean HeightsCompleted7820Plot No. 392-188 Al Sufouh Roadresidential20072010 310519 582
17Emirates Tower TwoCompleted8221Jumeirah Emirates Towers Complexhotel 2000 309 400 
18Cayan TowerCompleted8623Dubai Marinaresidential20062013Cayan Group - Real Estate Investment & Development306.4495 623
19The AddressCompleted10426The Address Downtown Dubairesidential / hotel20052008 302.2626196895
20Emirates CrownCompleted12029Dubai Marinaresidential20052008 296   
21Khalid Al Attar Tower 2Completed1223056 Sheikh Zayed Roadhotel20042011 294   
22Sulafa TowerCompleted13632Dubai Marinaresidential20062010 288   
23Millennium TowerCompleted14533Sheikh Zayed Road Plot No. 345 - 195residential20042006 285   
24Al Hekma TowerCompleted15635Sheikh Zayed Roadoffice20062015 282   
25Marina PinnacleCompleted16136Dubai Marinaresidential20052011 280   
26D1 TowerCompleted17139Al Khail Road, Culture Village, Al Jadafresidential20072015 277.5518  
27Radisson Royal Hotel DubaiCompleted1994326 Sheikh Zayed Roadhotel20072010 269   
2821st Century TowerCompleted20044109 Sheikh Zayed Roadresidential20012003 269   
29Business Central TowerCompleted21847Sheikh Zayed Roadoffice20052008 265   
31U-Bora Tower 1Completed23049Business Bayoffice20062011 262.8   
32Vision TowerCompleted24751Business Bayoffice20062011 260   
33Harbour Hotel and Residence DubaiCompleted29656Al Sufouh Roadresidential20042007 253.8   
34Conrad DubaiCompleted3065820 Sheikh Zayed Roadhotel / office20082013 251.2   
35Chelsea TowerCompleted3185990 Sheikh Zayed Roadresidential / hotel20032005 250   
36Rolex TowerCompleted35260336-274 Sheikh Zayed Roadresidential / office20072010 246.8   
37Al Fattan TowerCompleted36961Jumeirah Beachresidential20032006 245   
38Oasis Beach TowerCompleted36961Jumeirah Beachresidential20032006 245   
39Arenco TowerCompleted38566Sheikh Zayed Roadoffice20052008 243.8   
40The TowerCompleted39567Sheikh Zayed Roadresidential20002002 242.6   
41Arady Office TowerCompleted46379DIFCoffice20072015 237.2   
42The Buildings By DamanCompleted483812nd Za`abeel Roadresidential / hotel / office20062014 235   
43Churchill ResidenceCompleted484 Tallest in the World82 Tallest in Middle EastBusiness Bayresidential20062010 235   
44Park PlaceCompleted497 Tallest in the World84 Tallest in Middle East24 Sheikh Zayed Roadresidential / office20042007 234   
45MAG 218 TowerCompleted 90Dubai Marinaresidential20062010 231.8   
46ASPIN TowerCompleted 94104 Sheikh Zayed Roadresidential / office20082013 225.6   
47Al Tayer TowerCompleted 95Sheikh Zayed Roadresidential20062009 225   
48The Bay GateCompleted 98Business Bayoffice20072014 221   
49Angsana Hotel TowerCompleted 99117 Sheikh Zayed Roadhotel20052008 220.7   
51Arady Residential TowerCompleted 104DIFCresidential20072015 215.7   
52Al Seef TowerCompleted 106Dubai Marinaresidential20032005 215   
53The 118 TowerCompleted 108Burj Khalifa Boulevardresidential 2016     
54Grosvenor House The ResidenceCompleted 109Dubai Marinaresidential20072011 210.4   
55Grosvenor House West Marina BeachCompleted 109Dubai Marinaresidential / hotel20022005 210.4   
56Al Rostamani Maze TowerCompleted 111Sheikh Zayed Roadresidential / office20062010 210   
57Le ReveCompleted 113 Tallest in Middle EastPlot 392-145 Block Marsa Dubai, Dubai Marinaresidential20042006 210   
58Dubai TowerCompleted 114 Tallest in Middle EastSheikh Zayed Roadresidential20052011 210   
59Latifa TowerCompleted 114 Tallest in Middle East36 Sheikh Zayed Roadresidential20082012 210   
60Marina HeightsCompleted 117 Tallest in Middle EastDubai Marinaresidential20042006 208.4   
61Tamani Hotel MarinaCompleted 118 Tallest in Middle EastPlot 292-197 Block Marsa Dubai, Dubai Marinahotel20042006 207   
62Marina CrownCompleted 119 Tallest in Middle EastDubai Marinaresidential20042006 207   
63Nassima TowerCompleted 121 Tallest in Middle East26 Sheikh Zayed Roadresidential / office20072010 204   
6448 Burj GateCompleted 122 Tallest in Middle EastSheik Zayed Roadresidential / office20082014 203.2   
65The CitadelCompleted 123 Tallest in Middle EastBusiness Bayoffice 2009 201   
66MBK TowerCompleted 126 Tallest in Middle EastSheikh Zayed Roadresidential / office20062010 200   
67Al Bateen Residential TowerCompleted 140 Tallest in Middle EastJumeirah Beach Roadresidential 2013     
68Shangri-La HotelCompleted 142 Tallest in Middle East108-110 Sheikh Zayed Roadhotel20012003 196   
69Al Salam Tecom TowerCompleted 146 Tallest in Middle EastSheikh Zayed Road, Media Cityoffice20052009 195.1   
70The DistinctionCompleted 147 Tallest in Middle EastDowntown Burj Dubairesidential20132016 195   
71Sama TowerCompleted 150 Tallest in Middle EastSheikh Zayed Roadresidential / office20062010 193.6   
72The Address Dubai MallCompleted 152 Tallest in Middle EastDubai Mallhotel20062008 191.8   
73The SignatureCompleted 154 Tallest in Middle EastDowntown Dubaiserviced apartments20102013 190   
74Horizon TowerCompleted 156 Tallest in Middle EastArea 392-456 Block Marsa Dubairesidential20042006 190   
75Platinum TowerCompleted 156 Tallest in Middle EastJumeirah Lake Towersresidential20072012 190   
76Dubai Jewel TowerCompleted 158 Tallest in Middle EastSheikh Zayed Road, Media Cityresidential / office20062008 190   
77Sidra TowerCompleted 163 Tallest in Middle EastSheikh Zayed Roadresidential20072010 187   
78Jumeirah Lake TerraceCompleted 164 Tallest in Middle EastPlot D2- Jumeriah Lake Towersresidential20042008 187   
79Mesk TowerCompleted 166 Tallest in Middle EastMarina 1, Dubai Marinaresidential20012003 185   
80Murjan TowerCompleted 166 Tallest in Middle EastMarina 1, Dubai Marinaresidential20012003 185   
81Etisalat Tower 2Completed 170 Tallest in Middle EastSheikh Zayed Roadoffice20042007 185   
82Capricorn TowerCompleted 171 Tallest in Middle EastSheikh Zayed Roadresidential / office20012003 184.5   
83Marina TerraceCompleted 173 Tallest in Middle EastDubai Marinaresidential20032006 183   
84Tiffany TowersCompleted 174 Tallest in Middle EastJumeirah Lake Towersoffice20062009 181.9   
85Bay Central 2Completed 176 Tallest in Middle EastDubai Marinaresidential20092012 180   
86Mazaya Business Avenue 1Completed 176 Tallest in Middle EastIcon 2, Jumeirah Heightsoffice20062011 180   
87Mazaya Business Avenue 2Completed 176 Tallest in Middle EastIcon 2, Jumeirah Heightsoffice20062011 180   
88Mazaya Business Avenue 3Completed 176 Tallest in Middle EastIcon 2, Jumeirah Heightsoffice20062011 180   
89Seef Tower IICompleted 184 Tallest in Middle EastPlot U1, Jumeriah Lake Towersresidential20052008 179   
90JBR Area A Tower A04Completed 186 Tallest in Middle East residential20042007Emaar Properties177   
91JBR Area B Tower B01Completed 186 Tallest in Middle East residential20042007Emaar Properties177   
92JBR Area B Tower B03 T01Completed 186 Tallest in Middle East residential20042007Emaar Properties177   
93JBR Area C Tower C07Completed 186 Tallest in Middle East residential20042007Emaar Properties177   
94The DomeCompleted 191 Tallest in Middle EastIcon 2, Jumeirah Heightsoffice20062012 176   
95Mohammed Ibrahim TowerCompleted 192 Tallest in Middle EastPlot J2, Jumeirah Lakes Towersresidential20072010 175   
96Media One TowerCompleted 193 Tallest in Middle EastDubai Media Cityoffice / hotel20052008 175   
97Iris BayCompleted 194 Tallest in Middle EastBusiness Bayoffice20062015 175   
98Dusit ResidenceCompleted 195 Tallest in Middle EastPlot 392-497 Marsaresidential20052008 174   
99Dream TowerCompleted 196 Tallest in Middle EastAl Sufouh Roadresidential 2015     
100Churchill ExecutiveCompleted 200 Tallest in Middle EastBusiness Bayoffice20062010 172   
101Escape TowerCompleted 201 Tallest in Middle EastSheikh Zayed Roadresidential20042006     
102JBR Area C Tower C09 T02Completed 203 Tallest in Middle East residential20042007Emaar Properties171   
103Single Business TowerCompleted 206 Tallest in Middle EastSheikh Zayed Roadoffice20072009 170   
104Burlington TowerCompleted 208 Tallest in Middle EastBusiness Bayoffice 2013     
105Boulevard Plaza 1Completed 212 Tallest in Middle EastEmaar Boulevardoffice20072010Emaar Properties168.4   
106Jumeirah Business Center 1Completed 214 Tallest in Middle EastJumeirah Lake Towersoffice20062010 167   
107Shatha TowerCompleted 215 Tallest in Middle EastDubai Media Cityoffice 2006 167   
108Armada Tower 1Completed 216 Tallest in Middle EastJumeirah Lakes Towersresidential20042009 167   
109Dubai Creek HeightsCompleted 218 Tallest in Middle East20th Street & Riyadh Road, Dubai Healthcare Cityresidential20072015 166.5   
110Concorde TowerCompleted 219 Tallest in Middle EastPlot H2- Jumeriah Lake Towersresidential20042008 166   
111Four Points by SheratonCompleted 220 Tallest in Middle East76 Sheikh Zayed Roadresidential / hotel20042007 166   
112Liberty HouseCompleted 221 Tallest in Middle EastGate Driveresidential / office20062009 166   
113Lakeshore Tower 1Completed 224 Tallest in Middle EastPlot Y2 - Jumeriah Lake Towersresidential20052009 165   
114Goldcrest Executive TowerCompleted 225 Tallest in Middle EastPlot C2 -Jumeriah Lake Towersresidential / office20052009 165   
115Al Manara TowerCompleted 226 Tallest in Middle EastSheikh Zayed Roadresidential20022004 165   
116Falcon TowerCompleted 231 Tallest in Middle EastSheikh Zayed Roadresidential20032005 162.6   
117Bay Central 3Completed 232 Tallest in Middle EastDubai Marinahotel 2015 162.5   
118JBR Area C Tower C06 T03Completed 234 Tallest in Middle East residential20042007Emaar Properties161   
119JBR Area C Tower C09 T03Completed 234 Tallest in Middle East residential20042007Emaar Properties161   
120Swiss TowerCompleted 236 Tallest in Middle EastJumeirah Lake Towersresidential / office20072010 160.8   
121Monarch Office TowerCompleted 237 Tallest in Middle EastSheikh Zayed Roadoffice20042007 173.5   
122Sky GardensCompleted 238 Tallest in Middle East312th Roadresidential20052008 160   
123Seef Tower IIICompleted 241 Tallest in Middle EastPlot U3-Jumeriah Lake Towersresidential20052008 160   
124Tamweel TowerCompleted 241 Tallest in Middle EastPlot U3-Jumeriah Lake Towersresidential / office20052009 160   
125Goldcrest Views 1Completed 246 Tallest in Middle EastPlot V2 Jumeirah Lake Towersresidential20042007 159   
126JBR Area C Tower C02 T01Completed 248 Tallest in Middle East residential20042007Emaar Properties158   
127Lake Point TowerCompleted 249 Tallest in Middle EastPlot N2 - Jumeirah Lake Towersresidential20052008 158   
128Al Attar Business TowerCompleted 252 Tallest in Middle East93 Sheikh Zayed Roadoffice19981999 158   
129World Trade Center ResidencesCompleted 252 Tallest in Middle EastSheikh Zayed Roadresidential20052008 158   
130Time PlaceCompleted 254 Tallest in Middle EastArea 392 -Block Marsa Dubairesidential20052008     
131AG TowerCompleted 257 Tallest in Middle EastJumeirah Lake Towersoffice20052009 157.5   
132Bay Central 1Completed 262 Tallest in Middle EastDubai Marinaresidential20092012 155   
133Saeed Tower IICompleted 263 Tallest in Middle East74 Sheikh Zayed Roadresidential / office20002001 155   
134Shaiba Tower 1Completed 266 Tallest in Middle EastJebel Ali Race Course Roadresidential20042007 155   
135Silverene Tower ACompleted 268 Tallest in Middle EastDubai Marinaresidential20072011Cayan Group - Real Estate Investment & Development153.1   
136AU TowerCompleted 269 Tallest in Middle EastJumeirah Lake Towersoffice20052009 153   
137Dusit Thani HotelCompleted 270 Tallest in Middle East133 Sheikh Zayed Roadresidential / hotel19982001 152.9   
138The Fairmont DubaiCompleted 271 Tallest in Middle East18 Sheikh Zayed Roadhotel19982002 152.9   
139Dubai Arch TowerCompleted 272 Tallest in Middle EastPlot G1-Juneriah Lakes Towersresidential20052009 152.6   
140Laguna TowerCompleted 273 Tallest in Middle EastPlot A2-Jumeriah Lake Towershotel / office20052012 152.5   
141Dalma TowerCompleted 274 Tallest in Middle EastSheikh Zayed Roadresidential20042009 152.1   
142Al Habtoor Business TowerCompleted 275 Tallest in Middle EastDubai Marinaoffice20062009 152   
143Al Yassat TowerCompleted 276 Tallest in Middle EastSheikh Zayed Roadresidential20042009 151.4   
144JBR Area B Tower B06 T02Completed 277 Tallest in Middle East residential20042007Emaar Properties151   
145JBR Area C Tower C02 T02Completed 277 Tallest in Middle East residential20042007Emaar Properties151   
146JBR Area C Tower C03Completed 277 Tallest in Middle East residential20042007Emaar Properties151   
147JBR Area D Tower D01 T01Completed 277 Tallest in Middle East residential20042007Emaar Properties151   
148The Icon Tower 1Completed 281 Tallest in Middle EastJumeirah Lake Towersresidential20052008 151   
149The Icon Tower 2Completed 281 Tallest in Middle EastJumeirah Lake Towersresidential20052008 151   
150Dubai Gate Tower 1Completed 283 Tallest in Middle EastPlot Q2-Jumeriah Lake Towersresidential20052008 150.8   
151Saba Tower 1Completed 286 Tallest in Middle EastPlot E3, Jumeirah Lake Towersoffice20042006 150   
152Armada Tower 2Completed 287 Tallest in Middle EastJumeirah Lakes Towersresidential20042009 150   
153Armada Tower 3Completed 287 Tallest in Middle EastJumeirah Lakes Towersresidential20042009 150   
154Saba Tower 2Completed 287 Tallest in Middle EastPlot Q1, Jumeriah Lake Towersresidential20042007 150   
155Saba Tower 3Completed 287 Tallest in Middle EastPlot Q3 - Jumeriah Lake Towersresidential20052008 150   
156Park Lane TowerCompleted 291 Tallest in Middle EastBusiness Bayhotel / office20072016     
157Saeed Tower ICompleted 292 Tallest in Middle East32 Sheikh Zayed Roadresidential / office   150   
158Bonnington TowerCompleted  Jumeriah Lake Towersresidential / hotel 2008 149.6   
159World Trade CenterCompleted  2nd Za`abeel Roadoffice19741979 184   
160JBR Area C Tower C08Completed   residential20042007Emaar Properties148.8   
161Jumeirah Business Center 2Completed  Jumeirah Lake Towersoffice20072009 148.5   
162Jumeirah Business Center 3Completed  Jumeirah Lake Towersoffice20072010 148.5   
163Jumeirah Business Center 4Completed  First Al Khail Streetoffice20062010 148.5   
164Jumeirah Business Center 5Completed   office20062010 148.5   
165Green Lakes 2Completed   residential20052007 148.5   
166LIWA HeightsCompleted   residential20052008 148.2   
167BurJuman CentreCompleted   office 2006 148   
168Silver TowerCompleted  Business Bayoffice20072011 147.5   
169Lake ViewCompleted  Jumeirah Lakes Towers Cluster Bresidential20052009 146.5   
170Goldcrest Views 2Completed  Plot J1 Jumeriah Lake Towersresidential20052010 146.3   
171Al Shera TowerCompleted   residential20052007 146   
172O2 ResidenceCompleted   residential20052009 145.8   
173Marina TowerCompleted   residential20042006 145   
174South Ridge Tower 1Completed  Burj Khalifa Boulevardresidential20052008Emaar Properties144.9   
175Monarch Hotel & Convention Center Hotel TowerCompleted  Sheikh Zayed Roadhotel20042007 142.6   
176Boulevard Plaza 2Completed  Emaar Boulevardoffice20072010Emaar Properties141.1   
177The Residences 1Completed   residential20032007Emaar Properties140   
178The PalladiumCompleted  Al Sarayat Street, Cluster Cresidential20052007 140   
179Indigo TowerCompleted   residential / office20052007 139.5   
180JBR Area A Tower A01Completed   residential 2007Emaar Properties139   
181Fortune TowerCompleted  Al Sarayat Street, Cluster Coffice20052008 139   
182Al Mas TowerCompleted   residential20012003 138   
183Regal TowerCompleted   office20072012 136.4   
184JBR Area B Tower B04 T02Completed   residential 2007Emaar Properties136   
185Global Lake ViewCompleted   residential20042009 136   
186Marina MansionsCompleted  Al Hubob Streetresidential20052007 136   
187Palace Tower 1Completed   residential20072009 135   
188The Aspect TowerCompleted   office20052009 135   
189Emirates Financial Towers 1Completed  DIFCoffice20062011 135   
190Emirates Financial Towers 2Completed  DIFCoffice20062011 135   
191Shaiba Tower 2Completed  Jebel Ali Race Course Roadresidential 2007 135   
192The Lofts Burj Dubai Tower ACompleted   residential20072009Emaar Properties134.1   
193The Lofts Burj Dubai Tower CCompleted   residential20072009Emaar Properties134.1   
194The Imperial Residence ACompleted  Al Khail Roadhotel / residential20072014 134   
195The Imperial Residence BCompleted  Al Khail Roadhotel / residential20072014 134   
196The Residences 2Completed   residential20032007Emaar Properties134   
197Burj Views Tower 1Completed  Burj Khalifa Boulevardresidential 2009Emaar Properties133.4   
198Burj Views Tower 2Completed  Burj Khalifa Boulevardresidential 2009Emaar Properties133.4   
199Burj Views Tower 3Completed  Burj Khalifa Boulevardresidential 2009Emaar Properties    
200Hyatt RegencyCompleted  20th Street & Riyadh Road, Dubai Healthcare Cityhotel20072015 133.3   
201JBR Area A Tower A02Completed   residential 2007Emaar Properties133   
202JBR Area A Tower A03.2Completed   residential 2007Emaar Properties133   
203JBR Area B Tower B07 T01Completed   residential 2007Emaar Properties133   
204JBR Area D Tower D01 T03Completed   residential 2007Emaar Properties133   
205Murjan 5Completed   residential 2007Emaar Properties133   
206Sofitel Dubai DowntownCompleted  Sheikh Zayed Roadhotel20082014 132.6   
207Green Lakes 1Completed   residential20052007 131   
208Green Lakes 3Completed   residential20052007 131   
209Al Attar TowerCompleted  99 Sheikh Zayed Roadresidential19941997 130   
210Lakeside ResidenceCompleted  Jumeirah Lake Towersresidential20062013 129   
211National Bank of Dubai BuildingCompleted  Baniyas Roadoffice 1998 124   
212The Address Dubai MarinaCompleted  Al Marsa Streetserviced apartments / hotel 2009 123.4   
213Indigo Icon TowerCompleted  Cluster F, Jumeirah Lakes Towerscommercial20052009     
214Silverene Tower BCompleted  Dubai Marinaresidential20082010Cayan Group - Real Estate Investment & Development121.3   
215Tameen House Office BuildingCompleted  Tecom Media City, Al-Barsharesidential / office   120.1   
216Dubai Creek TowerCompleted  Baniyas Roadresidential / office19931995 117   
217Khalid Al Attar TowerCompleted  54 Sheikh Zayed Roadoffice 1998 116.1   
218Dubai Marina TowerCompleted  Al Suwayeb Streetresidential 2015     
219Blakely TowerCompleted  Jumeirah Beach Roadresidential20062010Emaar Properties114.7   
220Sanibel TowerCompleted  Jumeirah Beach Roadresidential20062010Emaar Properties114.7   
221Al Bateen Hotel TowerCompleted  Jumeirah Beach Roadhotel 2013     
222O-14Completed  Business Bayoffice20072010 105.7  416
223Jumeirah Beach HotelCompleted  Jumeirah Roadhotel 1997 104   
224Deira Twin Tower 1Completed  Baniyas Roadresidential / office 1998 102.4   
225Deira Twin Tower 2Completed  Baniyas Roadoffice 1998 102.4   
226Etisalat Tower 1Completed  Baniyas Roadoffice19891992 100   
227Dubai Chamber Of Commerce & Industry 1Completed   office 1995 91   
228The GateCompleted   office20022004 80   
229Skywalk Tower ACompleted   residential 2001 72   
230Skywalk Tower BCompleted   residential 2001 72   
231DorrabayCompleted  Al Sufouh Roadresidential 2008 65   
232The Jewels Tower 1Completed  Al Sufouh Roadresidential 2007 60   
233The Jewels Tower 2Completed  Al Sufouh Roadresidential 2007 60   
234Cayan Business CenterCompleted  TECOM Districtoffice 2008 53   
235Burj Al SalamCompleted  Sheikh Zayed Roadserviced apartments / hotel / office20082014     
236Executive Towers Building MCompleted  Business Bayresidential / hotel20052009     
237Park Tower 1Completed  DIFCresidential 2011     
238Park Tower 2Completed  DIFCresidential 2011     
239The One TowerCompleted  Sheikh Zayed Road, Media Cityoffice2008      
240Executive Towers Building BCompleted  Business Bayresidential20052008     
241Mag 214 TowerCompleted   residential20052007     
242Trident Grand ResidenceCompleted  Dubai Marinaresidential20062010     
243HDS Business CentreCompleted  Cluster M, Jumeirah Lakes Towerscommercial20072011     
244Api Trio TowerCompleted  Sheikh Zayed Roadoffice 2013     
245BotanicaCompleted   residential20082011     
246HDS TowerCompleted  Cluster F, Jumeirah Lakes Towerscommercial20052008     
247Currency House ResidenceCompleted   residential20062009     
248The Matrix TowerCompleted   residential 2013     
249Al Waleed Paradise TowerCompleted  Jumeirah Lake Towersresidential20052009     
250Bonaire TowerCompleted  Jumeirah Beach Roadresidential20062010     
251Fairfield TowerCompleted  Jumeirah Beach Roadresidential20062010     
252Lake City TowerCompleted  Plot D3, Jumeirah Lake Towersresidential20052008     
253The Exchange TowerCompleted  Al A`amal Street, Business Bayoffice 2015     
254The Lofts Burj Dubai Tower BCompleted   residential20072009Emaar Properties    
255Madina TowerCompleted  Plot O3, Jumeirah Lake Towersresidential20052007     
256Ariyana TowerCompleted  Dubai Marinaresidential20082011     
257Iris BlueCompleted  Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Beach Residencesresidential / retail20052008     
258The Bridge at Dubai Sports CityCompleted  Dubai Sports Cityresidential / office20082014     
259Wyndham Dubai MarinaCompleted  Al Seba Street, Dubai Marinahotel 2015     
260Al ManaraCompleted  Business Bayoffice20062009     
261The BinaryCompleted  Business Bayoffice 2015     
262Deira TowerCompleted   government19791980     
263SIT TowerCompleted   office20082012     
264Grand Millennium HotelCompleted  Al Barsha 1, Shaik Zayed Road, Tecom Media City, Al Barsharesidential / hotel / commercial20042007     
265DuBiotech Tech Tower 1Completed   office 2015     
266DuBiotech Tech Tower 2Completed   office 2015     
267Grand Hyatt DubaiCompleted  9th Streethotel20022003     
268Capital Bay EastCompleted  Business Bayresidential 2014     
269Capital Bay WestCompleted  Business Bayresidential 2014     
270Damac Maison Canal ViewCompleted  Al Abraj Street, Business Bayhotel 2014     
271Viceroy Palm Jumeirah hotelCompleted  No. 1 The Palm Palm Jumeirahserviced apartments / hotel 2017     
272Comfort Inn Hotel ApartmentsCompleted  Al Barsha 3residential / hotel       
273The Galleries at Downtown Jebel Ali Tower 1Completed  Sheikh Zayed Road, Downtown Jebel Alioffice / retail20062008     
274The Galleries at Downtown Jebel Ali Tower 2Completed  Sheikh Zayed Road, Downtown Jebel Alioffice / retail20062008     
275The Galleries at Downtown Jebel Ali Tower 3Completed  Sheikh Zayed Road, Downtown Jebel Alioffice / retail20062008     
276The Galleries at Downtown Jebel Ali Tower 4Completed  Sheikh Zayed Road, Downtown Jebel Alioffice / retail20062008     
277Grand Belle Vue Hotel Apartment DubaiCompleted  Tecom Media City, Al-Barsharesidential / hotel 2010     

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