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An engineered thorough snagging is conducted; followed by detailed condition reports. We ensure our clients are receiving their property in top-notch condition. One that is ready to be rented or sold.

Detailed Pricing Strategy

Each unit is individually priced after implementing its features into our logarithmic model. This eliminates the traditional market norm of “Average Pricing” which consistently results in overpriced units remaining vacant while underpriced ones are unable to generate their optimum ROI.

Landlord's Ultimate Benefit:

  • Proper budget forecasting & cash flow implementation
  • Maximum utilization of every premium asset feature
  • Avoidance of having periodically vacant units followed by price reduction adaptation
  • Achieving planned business targets

Premium Marketing

fäm’s devoted multi-media team offers UHD photography, professional videos & our iconic 3600 Virtual Tour concept. Such an interactive media is then promoted via our marketing channels; ranging from Google AdWords, Social Media, “smartly reached” newsletters and our prominent online platform on all trusted portals in the region.

Tenancy Management

Following our hand over of any property, and the utilization of our marketing machine, massive leads generation takes place. We ensure that each & every tenant is screened to make certain that they are qualified to occupy our clients’ assets. During the tenure period, we can handle any concerns associated to the unit with regards to Defects Liabilities Period & Owners Association management.

Asset Preservation

We offer all our investors regularly scheduled preventative maintenance, pre-qualified and approved vendors whom are available 24/7 to handle any type of service request.

Tenant's Mobile Application

Available on Android and iOS, the Fam Fix-It App allows our tenants to record any maintenance issue and get it serviced in the most efficient technically driven way; in a few seconds at the palm of their hands.

Landlord's Ultimate Benefit:

  • Prompt maintenance reporting
  • Instant 24/7 correspondence
  • Professional efficient services rectification
  • Highly organized maintenance record that is photographically supported
  • Satisfied tenants
  • Repeated highly referrals
  • Enterprise Resource Planning

    fäm’s bespoke Oracle platform CRM is in-house & tailored to our customers where it provides them with efficiency, security and transparency. Our investors are constantly able to leverage on personalized customers’ reports with real-time access.

    Size & Reachability

    We only do what we know best and we do it to the best extent of our abilities. Fam's dedicated teams of Property Consultants are managed by market experts where our corporate size outnumbers the market's average. This consistently results in efficient and healthy occupancy of our assets.

    Landlord's Ultimate Benefit:

  • Knowledgeable free consultation provided by smart & genuine professionals
  • Properties being taken care of by dedicated dynamic teams with on-ground presence
  • Efficient & healthy occupancy of the asset
  • Property Management

    In today's competitive Real Estate industry, smart and visionary investors understand the vital need to take advantage of cutting edge innovations in order stay ahead of their competition.

    Fam's Property Management business model was born and handcrafted to satisfy and exceed our landlords' and tenants' expectations. Our services offer experienced consultancy through fundamental tech-driven market leading solutions.

    The result? A well-preserved Real Estate asset that generates maximum return on investment.

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