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Are you a dynamic go-getter; passionate; gregarious; intuitive and at the same time disciplined & principled to build a career in Real Estate…You have found your true calling!!

We are looking for Property Advisors/Consultants to join the most progressive tech-forward Real Estate company in the market.

fäm Properties prides itself on its ability to develop and nurture careers. Every employee of fäm is fundamental to our growth & success and it reflects in a way we have retained key employees since the start of the company.

As a visionary company, we recognize the need to invest in our people which is why we created the fäm Academy. This unique internal Training and Development Program is centric on our core belief that every individual at fäm deserves the right to learn new skills and absorb knowledge to build a solid platform to fulfill their career aspirations.

If you are looking for a successful career in Dubai Real Estate Market, read what our CEO Mr. Firas Al Msaddi says why you should be a part of fäm!

A birthplace for thriving entrepreneurs, the real estate market in Dubai is a booming industry. An extremely demanding, cutthroat business, the real estate profession however is brutal. If you are looking to simply survive from paycheck to paycheck, then I suggest you look elsewhere. If on the other hand, you are a go-getter; an ethical, self-motivated and long-term planner; highly competitive; a natural born champion and someone who does not settle for anything less than the best, then Real Estate is for you.

At fam, we run custom-built strategies and operations for individuals whose goal is to achieve the breakthrough of their lifetime. They appreciate that there are no shortcuts to success and that it requires the highest level of self-motivation, hard work, determination, enduring ethics and undefeated drive. Past and present results demonstrate a proven record of creating self-made success stories within the fam sales force and management.

Dubai has over 1,400 registered real estate companies. Why build your legacy with fäm? Away from baseless marketing spiel, fäm Properties offers employees the most resourceful real estate platform ever built in Dubai. A platform that enables and empowers ambitious people to achieve the highest levels of personal and professional growth.

We are not a classic real estate agency; we are a technology based real estate platform that offers a broad spectrum of highly integrated real estate services from brokerage all the way to real estate development advisory and management. We spent the last decade investing time, money, and energy to custom build our own ORACLE-based ERP system that offers all our employees an unfair advantage in Dubai real estate market. Enabling them to outperform competitors by way of providing them with the required knowledge and tools to boost their abilities to provide the best client experience and to continuously gain new market-share.

“At fam Properties, we provide you with the best industry knowledge and the platform to practice what you learnt. So you can gain the required experience to win big in real estate”

Firas Al Msaddi CEO – fam Group

Taking up a career in Real Estate Investment - some essential considerations  To start with, here is the most basic principle of making money: Your business experience often defines how successful you are in your business which often bridges how much money you make too. A successful business will always make money until it becomes unsuccessful. So when everything revolves around experience, which is in simple term “a practiced knowledge”, the best organisations to join are those who have the right infrastructure, from on-boarding, training, resources and efficient platform to practice what they teach. Moreover, growing organizations that offer serious personal and career growth opportunities. You can only grow so much in a successful organization that prefers to remain a boutique size organization.

  • Gain Knowledge Practice your knowledge = Experience 
  • The best knowledge Practice the most = The best Experience
  • The most experienced always does best in business and outperforms competitors 
  • The best in business always earns the most money

If you are considering taking up a job as a real estate agent, the first and most essential investment you can make is spending significant time and energy on finding the right organization: one which offers you a genuine opportunity for growth.  Your chosen organization should be one which…

  • ✔ A totally client centric company. For any company to provide excellent client experience, it has to start by treating its employees right and providing its employees with all required training, knowledge, experience and effective resources, not to mention providing employees with fair compensation and career growth opportunities. Check out the clients reviews on google and other sites that offer clients feedback. The future of business is owned by client centric organizations. As an employee, never expect much from organizations that are not client centric.
  • ✔ Offers you room to grow and develop, providing a qualified source of  knowledge and personal training, along with an environment and a practical platform which enables employees to implement what they are learning  within their daily tasks.
  • ✔ Recognizes its responsibility to provide employee support as early as at the on- boarding stage and until the employee is ready to operate successfully with minimum supervision.
  • ✔ Is stable and well established, with good leadership and a proven track record. In the right organisation, you will gain the experience required to build a lifetime career or lead a higher quality of life through improved job satisfaction. I am a passionate believer in the importance of sharing knowledge and experience which adds value for other people, most especially for my employees. 

As a results-orientated entrepreneur with a track record of building successful businesses from the ground up, I am convinced that it is one of the most important qualities a leader must have. I truly believe that many employees are victims of their own decision to join and stay with organizations that are simply not the right fit for them. Either because the organization:

  • Does not share their values.
  • Does not invest in quality leadership and management – but has leaders who fail to motivate, inspire and lead by example and experience, and therefore are not helping their employees to be fulfilled and achieve their career goals.
  • Does not have the right corporate structure in place, so career progression and the management hierarchy are unclear.
  • Does not invest in long-term plans & initiatives so does not provide job security.
  • Does not realize the importance of developing employee skills and training.
  • Does not invest in strategy to robustly answer the challenges of ever- changing markets.

How do you choose the right organization? 

Do your research, compare different companies in the light of your ideal criteria and what and where you want to reach in your career. Taking real care when choosing the right organization to join is absolutely crucial because:

  • It can  fasttrack your success, set you back or put you off track: Whichever career path you set out on and whatever company you choose, it will dictate where your career leads to. Your first company is probably the only eye to see the industry and your career through. It's make or break—you make the wrong decision, you delay your success. It's that simple, with no turning back or excuses.
  • You have to be practical and objective: The best company for you will always be the one that will inspire you and motivate you to last the course through thick and thin. Different people are inspired by different things and draw strength from different motives - choose what naturally drives you to always strive to do better.
  • Track record is important: In this generation where almost everyone is being pushed to open their own businesses, with the false impression that it’s the only way to ‘get rich quick’ most businesses tend to fail. That’s because many ‘wannabe’ entrepreneurs are eager to earn more - but not willing to work more, invest more and take bolder risks. The ideal company for you will be headed by a leader who is a strategist and has a proven track record. Someone who has been through the ups and downs of the market and who can sell regardless of the stage in the market cycle: someone who has ‘seen it all’ and worked successfully at every stage while they continue to be eager to acquire new knowledge and learn even more. The captain always steers the ship – so make sure you choose the right captain.
  • Serious growth: The best organisations are led by people who never cease to grow and learn. Who always reaches out to new horizons and can turn an idea into good business. You should join a company that will provide you with plenty of opportunities to progress. This is only possible if the company itself invests the right resources to secure its place in the market and to grow its business, always moving forward or upward. The history of the company speaks volumes of where it's heading to. 

If you fully and carefully follow this advice you could be on the way to a rewarding and fulfilling career as a real estate professional.

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