When can I cancel my Ejari?

You can cancel your Ejari registration in Dubai under the following circumstances:

  1. End of Tenancy: If you plan to vacate the property and your tenancy contract has reached its natural expiration date, you can cancel your Ejari registration. This is typically done when you decide not to renew the lease and have fulfilled all the terms of your existing contract.

  2. Early Termination: If you need to leave the property before the agreed-upon lease term ends, you can still cancel your Ejari. This situation might arise due to personal reasons or changes in your circumstances. In such cases, it's important to follow the proper procedures for early termination outlined in your tenancy contract.

  3. Non-Renewal: If both you (the tenant) and the landlord decide not to renew the tenancy contract at its expiration, you can cancel your Ejari registration. This is often the case when both parties mutually agree not to extend the lease.

  4. Change of Property: If you are moving to a different property in Dubai, you can cancel your existing Ejari registration before registering the new property. It's crucial to ensure that the previous Ejari is canceled to avoid any legal complications.

  5. Change of Ownership: If the ownership of the property changes, it is necessary to cancel the existing Ejari registration and re-register it under the new owner's name.

Remember that it is the landlord's responsibility to initiate the Ejari cancellation process when a tenant vacates the property. However, tenants can also actively participate in the process and communicate with the landlord or property management to ensure a smooth cancellation process.

To cancel your Ejari, you can use the trustees' centers or the dedicated Ejari app, following the proper procedures and requirements outlined by the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) in Dubai.

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