Everything you Need to Know About Ejari in Dubai


What is the Purpose of Ejari?

Ejari means my rent in Arabic. It is an initiative by the Real Estate Regulatory Agency to manage and improve Dubai's rental market. This system aims to improve the experiences of landlords and tenants to ensure both parties are protected from rental malpractice. Dubai law requires all lease agreements to be registered through Ejari's online portal.

Who Applies for Ejari? The Landlord or the Tenant?

The landlord/developer is responsible for registering his property with Ejari. However, it is not specified who is responsible for Ejari tenancy registration and cost. Both the landlord and tenant can do it.

What are the Required Documents for Ejari Registration?

1. Tenancy Contract – original

2. DEWA bill

3. Passport and visa copy of tenant

4. Trade license copy (if lease is on company name)

5. Title Deed or Municipality affection plan copy (issued by Land Department or Dubai Municipality)

6. Landlord’s name and nationality, property details, applicant’s signature and mobile number

How Much Does Ejari Cost?

Successful enrolling in Ejari requires all mandatory documents to be signed and submitted to the DLD department office. The required costs:

Ejari fees (government tax): AED 160Typing services: AED 35

Express Online registration: AED 280 (fully refundable if registered in more than 6 hours)

Within approximately one day, the Ejari registration will be available for collection.‎

Ejari Consulting & Online Support: FREE

“6-hr Express delivery” guarantee: included

Is EJARI Compulsory?

Ejari is compulsory for everyone. Tenants who fail to register with EJARI may not be able to obtain or renew a residency visa for you  or your family. Unregistered tenants are at a major disadvantage in case a legal case must be filed against the landlord. An Ejari certificate is required to file a lawsuit against your landlord in Dubai. It is highly recommended to register with EJARI immediately at the start of the contract. However, the registration can be completed at any point during the tenancy.

It's crucial to remember that not only is initial registration essential, but also the renewal of your Ejari plays a pivotal role in ensuring your continued legal protection as a tenant.



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