Revealed: UAE Ranks Second Safest Country in the World


Have you ever wondered where to live and still feel safe at all times? Then your question has been answered and you might consider UAE since it has ranked second on the World Economic Forum (WEF) report of the safest countries. The UAE comes right behind Finland and ahead of other metropolitan countries like Hong Kong and Singapore. The report also ranked UAE as the safest country in the MENA area followed by Oman and Qatar. What also came as a big surprise was the United Kingdom and the United states ranking 78th and 84th respectively.

Despite the political unrest in the Middle East area which led to many Arab countries being labeled as” dangerous” and unsafe,the UAE unsurprisingly succeeded to secure one spot higher than last time in the safest countries list and remained unaffected.

Dubai : The Touristic hub

The report also highlighted that the UAE has one of the best air transport infrastructure in the world in terms of both connectivity and infrastructure as it secured the  3rd spot right behind Canada and The US. Hence, the tourism and entertainment sector in the UAE remains one of the key pillars of the economy. According to the minister of Economy Sultan bin Saeed Al Mansouri, the UAE is aiming to achieve  a 5.4 % annual contribution of the Tourism sector in the economy over the next 10 years. The sector is expected to generate DHS 237 Billion by 2026.

Dubai Visits

According to figures published by Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM), the city has witnessed the arrival of 6.04 million international guests against 5.35 M recorded last year. The top performing market remains India followed by Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom.

The  WEF report also stated that the United Arab Emirates continued to offer outstanding business environment as it ranked 5th and 15th with advanced ICT readiness.Globally,the UAE managed to rank 29th proving that it is the most competitive country in the MENA region in terms of travel and tourism.Potentially the Travel and Tourism sector is forecasted to create more employment opportunities as the number of international tourists keep on growing.  

The report is yet another proof that the UAE is walking with firm  steps towards being the “best country in the world” as it has been envisioned by the country’s leaders.

Dubai the safe heaven  

Everyone that lives in the UAE can confirm that the only thing that has never been a concern to them is their personal safety and this is thanks to strong law enforcement presence throughout the whole country along with the  high standards of  security surveillance.

safest city Dubai

Compared to all the countries in the MENA region, the UAE has the highest standards of safety and the lowest rate of crime making it a safe haven for parents who are constantly concerned about the safety and security of their kids. Dubai has made sure that penalties of breaking the law are severe and not to be taken lightly.

This secure environment has encouraged more people to visit the UAE, especially Dubai, the fourth most visited city in the world. In 2016, the number of visitors in Dubai, who came for both tourism and business has reached 14.9 million and it is expected to reach 20 million by 2020, when Dubai is due to host Expo.

Being resident of The UAE, we have a wealth of reasons to enjoy our life here and yet this is another reason to make us love living the UAE even more.

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    I’m very happy to know that UAE is ranked second safest country in the world.. Which is very motivating to live a life happily in UAE. There is many opportunities and provisions to stay in any of the place in UAE specially in Dubai...when I wanted to shift Dubai for official purpose I had a fear in me, tat I need to stay for a month on business work, because its new country for me I’m very much worried. From your blog there is many fact points about UAE why it is safest country in the world. Dubai has a safe law and rules to live a life is also a healthy environment with basic amenities to enjoy our life..

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