Ten essential steps to start your journey to success



  1. KNOW YOUR MARKET -  visit different areas, developers, websites, choose the area or project that suits your preferences, zoom-in and study all related aspects: do your homework thoroughly
  2. INVEST IN A KNOWN NEIGHBOURHOOD - somewhere you’ve local knowledge about, have lived in or visited often. Or else, follow the steps and methods detailed in The Art of Real Estate Investment – Entry to Exit https://booksarabia.com/the-art-of-real-estate-investment-from-entry-to-exit.html
  3. ASSESS AND SELECT YOUR EXPERT SUPPORT: not just your ‘knowledge partner’, also any other professionals you might need.
  4. COMMUNICATE AND COMPARE: tell your experts what you’re aiming to achieve and compare the pros and cons of the offers they present to you.
  5. EXIT STRATEGY: establish this from day one, based on your targeted investment term. 
  6. ASK QUESTIONS AND ALWAYS VISIT THE SITE - never invest based on a sales pitch, mock-up or video. Always go and view the property.
  7. CONSULT YOUR EXPERTS - make the most of their specialist expertise.
  8. NEGOTIATE WISELY AND DON’T HESITATE – it’s not all about pushing to lower the price: it’s about making the right decision and acting on it promptly. 
  9. CONCLUDE THE TRANSACTION – and keep all your documentation well organised and stored safely.
  10. ESTABLISH LONG-TERM RELATIONSHIPS WITH YOUR EXPERTS - and they’ll come to you first when they identify other great opportunities.

Want to know more? Read The Art of Real Estate Investment – Entry to Exit Visit https://booksarabia.com/the-art-of-real-estate-investment-from-entry-to-exit.html

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