How to register your tenancy contract with Ejari in Dubai


If you are in the process of securing your ideal Dubai rental, it is likely you are immersed in arranging and organising your upcoming, often international, move. Alongside utilities and local area taxes, and perhaps furnishing your Dubai apartment, villa or townhouse, Dubai tenancy contract holders need to be aware of a key administrative aspect of securing your Dubai tenancy – Ejari.

What is Ejari?

Simply meaning ‘my rent’ in Arabic, Ejari is the name of an online registration system for all tenancies in Dubai. It has been instituted by the government via its Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) for oversight of rental and lease contracts in the city. The Ejari portal offers some transparency and therefore protection to both landlords and tenants, making their arrangements official and subject to the regulatory agency. 

Ejari is not only essential for finalising your rental property in Dubai, as of 2013, it is also required for residency visa applications and applications for Dubai utilities and Dubai home services including television and the internet.

Who is responsible for Ejari registration?

Ejari registration is the responsibility of both parties but typically falls to the tenant or their Dubai estate agent or realtor, who also pick up the attendant fees. Property management companies in Dubai will also undertake this task as standard Ejari registration can be done online or in-person at a number of designated centres in the city.

How to register your Dubai tenancy contract with Ejari

Ejari registration requires the following key documents:

  • Passport, UAE Visa or Emirates ID of the tenant
  • Landlord’s passport
  • A copy of the tenancy contract
  • Property title deeds
  • DEWA connection receipt

These can be submitted online or in-person at one of the approved Ejari registration centres. Once submitted an Ejari fee must be paid, with a wait of a few days for the generation of a unique Ejari number.

What happens with Dubai Tenancy renewals?

For Ejari tenancy renewals, Dubai tenants will have to ensure that their Ejari paperwork is renewed with a repeat registration. 

Although there are a number of administrative steps and a short wait, Dubai tenants and landlords do benefit from the security the Ejari system provides. Your Dubai property consultant is best placed to assist you with everything you need to complete your registration without hassle.

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