Don’t Go For Property Viewing Unless You Consider These 8 Essential Tips


Whether you’re a first-time buyer or looking for a property for rent in Dubai, you just need to ensure that your home to be is the right one for you. However, before finalising your home selection, a wise buyer or renter should go through a process of “visit and check”. It is best to personally visit and check the property and see if it does really fit your requirements.

Take a quick tour to your property, test home fixtures if its properly working, and walk through areas of the property to get the overall vibe of the home you’re planning to buy or rent. Search for the pros and cons of your ideal home as well as take down all considerations such as the home type, size, and location while pinpointing if it will go along with you and your family.

Let us say you’re prepared to buy or rent a home in Dubai, and all you just need to do is to identify if its the right one for you. To help you on this matter, we have gathered some essential points to locate a house that’s perfectly fit for you.

Go For The Overall Home Vibe

When searching for a place, it is important to envision yourself living in that home for a reasonable period of time. At this point, it is essential to identify all home attributes that complements your lifestyle necessities while living in that property. Also, by doing this, it will help lessen your future costs once you figure out all your requirement for a home in the first place.

Build A Good Relationship With Your Agent

It is advisable to seek the assistance of a reliable real estate agent. In Dubai, where there are numerous properties for sale, look for the one who has a strong knowledge and expertise in that particular area or the type of home you are planning to buy or rent. Build a good relationship with your real estate agent to help you be at the top of the priority list as soon as the property you like hits the market.

Check Out Natural Lighting

We often neglect this part but having the right intensity of natural light at home should also take into consideration especially in Dubai. Take note on which direction the home is facing - east facing properties face the rising sun. Check out some villas for sale in areas such as Palm Jumeirah, Arabian Ranches, Al Barari, The Springs, and Jumeirah Park for nice sunny family-friendly communities. Furthermore, natural lighting isn’t only responsible for the ambiance of the property but also help you save on your electric bill.

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Look For Available Storage Space

Look for cabinets, closets, cupboards, and all available storage spaces when viewing a property. Keep in mind all your valuables and imagine how you will properly store them once you move into that home. There should also enough space whenever you want to install furniture. Look at how symmetrical the walls so you can easily put all the fixtures evenly and have the freedom to design a home any way you want it.

Test The Water

Check the water supply, run the taps in the kitchens and bathrooms and see if it's properly working. A water should completely odourless and colourless with an adequate pressure. If you notice rusty water, molds, and any dampness, it could mean a poor pipework that may lead you with a hefty repair cost in the future.

Assess Noise Level

If you’re planning to buy or at least rent an apartment in urban areas like Downtown Dubai, Business Bay, and Jumeirah Lakes Towers, it is a must to assess the level of city noise heard in the property. Units located on higher floors have decreased level of ambient sounds but if you prefer lower floors choose the one with adequately sound-proofed. The last thing you want is to live close hearing car horns, engine sounds, constructions, and city noise that disturbs you at home.

Neighbourhood And Community Check!

One of the most common considerations when buying or renting a home in Dubai is its location. Check out the community where your prospect home is located and see if amenities are in close proximity such as supermarkets, schools, entertainment centres, mosques, parks, sporting facilities, restaurants, transport stations, and major roads. It is best to discover areas in the neighbourhood that you’ll appreciate while you’re living in that home.

Lastly, How Much You Can Afford?

You’re on a mission to find the right home for you and already gone through several home viewings. One thing is for sure, go for the one you can afford and manage. Property developers in Dubai offer a wide selection of properties available for sale, you can choose among luxury, standard, and affordable properties depending on your budget. It is a must to analyse your account, identify the present and future cost even at this early stage.

If you do like a property, it is best to identify these factors and see if your prospect home is the right one for you.

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