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DateAreaProjectPrice /AEDPrice /sqftSize /sqftStatusCategorySold By
27-SEP-2021Al Thanyah FifthPalladium1,200,0006331,897.03ReadyApartmentIndividual
27-SEP-2021Al Thanyah FifthSilver Tower739,7986271,180.05ReadyCommercialIndividual
27-SEP-2021Al Thanyah FifthGreen Lakes S3915,000934980.16ReadyApartmentIndividual
27-SEP-2021Al Thanyah FifthLakeshore Tower 11,583,8321,2601,257.01ReadyCommercialDeveloper
27-SEP-2021Al Thanyah FifthBanyan Tree Residences Hillside Dubai3,000,0009273,235.41ReadyApartmentDeveloper
27-SEP-2021Al Thanyah FifthBanyan Tree Residences Hillside Dubai3,751,5001,7042,201.97ReadyApartmentDeveloper
27-SEP-2021Al Thanyah FifthSeven City Jlt1,510,1749961,516.31OffplanApartmentDeveloper
27-SEP-2021Al Thanyah FifthSeven City Jlt436,8971,052415.38OffplanApartmentDeveloper
27-SEP-2021Al Thanyah FifthSeven City Jlt436,8971,052415.38OffplanApartmentDeveloper
27-SEP-2021Al Thanyah FifthSeven City Jlt746,9371,011739.05OffplanApartmentDeveloper
27-SEP-2021Al Thanyah FifthSilver Tower496,631817608.05ReadyCommercialIndividual
27-SEP-2021Al Thanyah FifthSaba 31,311,0007751,691.44ReadyApartmentIndividual
27-SEP-2021Al Thanyah FifthPalladium1,540,0008121,897.03ReadyApartmentIndividual
27-SEP-2021Al Thanyah FifthJhcee1,000,0003462,888.38ReadyApartmentIndividual
27-SEP-2021Al Thanyah FifthSaba 31,111,7286571,691.44ReadyApartmentIndividual
26-SEP-2021Al Thanyah FifthDubai Gate One297,500662449.50ReadyApartmentIndividual
26-SEP-2021Al Thanyah FifthLake Terrace745,000936795.88ReadyApartmentIndividual
26-SEP-2021Al Thanyah Fifth-3,250,0001,3982,325.00ReadyPlotIndividual
26-SEP-2021Al Thanyah FifthSeven City Jlt449,7771,083415.38OffplanApartmentDeveloper
26-SEP-2021Al Thanyah FifthSeven City Jlt427,6971,030415.38OffplanApartmentDeveloper
26-SEP-2021Al Thanyah FifthSeven City Jlt827,5691,044792.65OffplanApartmentDeveloper
26-SEP-2021Al Thanyah FifthAl Shera2,510,0009172,737.37ReadyApartmentIndividual
26-SEP-2021Al Thanyah FifthMbl Residence1,600,0001,1961,337.41ReadyApartmentDeveloper
26-SEP-2021Al Thanyah FifthMbl Residence1,600,0001,1961,337.41ReadyApartmentDeveloper
26-SEP-2021Al Thanyah FifthSeven City Jlt435,9771,081403.22OffplanApartmentDeveloper
26-SEP-2021Al Thanyah FifthSilver Tower987,5971,101896.96ReadyCommercialIndividual
26-SEP-2021Al Thanyah FifthSeven City Jlt783,3901,010775.43OffplanApartmentDeveloper
26-SEP-2021Al Thanyah FifthSeven City Jlt441,4971,102400.63OffplanApartmentDeveloper
26-SEP-2021Al Thanyah FifthSeven City Jlt447,0171,076415.27OffplanApartmentDeveloper
26-SEP-2021Al Thanyah FifthSeven City Jlt439,6571,097400.63OffplanApartmentDeveloper
26-SEP-2021Al Thanyah FifthSeven City Jlt453,4571,092415.27OffplanApartmentDeveloper
26-SEP-2021Al Thanyah FifthLakeshore Tower 12,897,6331,2602,299.71ReadyCommercialDeveloper
26-SEP-2021Al Thanyah FifthAl Shera87,777,77732,0662,737.37ReadyApartmentIndividual
23-SEP-2021Al Thanyah FifthSeven City Jlt436,8971,052415.38OffplanApartmentDeveloper
23-SEP-2021Al Thanyah FifthLaguna Tower560,000964581.04ReadyApartmentIndividual
23-SEP-2021Al Thanyah FifthCorporate Tower345,807350988.02OffplanCommercialDeveloper
23-SEP-2021Al Thanyah FifthSeven City Jlt758,145957791.90OffplanApartmentDeveloper
23-SEP-2021Al Thanyah FifthLakepoint N2525,000536979.08ReadyApartmentIndividual
23-SEP-2021Al Thanyah FifthDubai Star505,000546924.94ReadyCommercialIndividual
23-SEP-2021Al Thanyah FifthBanyan Tree Residences Hillside Dubai4,000,0001,8162,202.51ReadyApartmentDeveloper
23-SEP-2021Al Thanyah Fifth-9,300,00058815,829.61ReadyPlotIndividual
23-SEP-2021Al Thanyah FifthLake Terrace1,200,0008121,477.56ReadyApartmentIndividual
23-SEP-2021Al Thanyah FifthSilver Tower696,636785886.95ReadyCommercialIndividual
23-SEP-2021Al Thanyah FifthJhcwb1,800,0008492,119.20ReadyApartmentIndividual
23-SEP-2021Al Thanyah FifthJhcwb1,533,3637242,119.20ReadyApartmentIndividual
23-SEP-2021Al Thanyah FifthSeef 3906,7904581,979.05ReadyApartmentIndividual
23-SEP-2021Al Thanyah FifthBanyan Tree Residences Hillside Dubai3,500,0001,5932,197.67ReadyApartmentDeveloper
23-SEP-2021Al Thanyah FifthBanyan Tree Residences Hillside Dubai2,650,0001,8221,454.63ReadyApartmentDeveloper
23-SEP-2021Al Thanyah FifthBanyan Tree Residences Hillside Dubai1,800,4391,945925.80ReadyApartmentDeveloper
23-SEP-2021Al Thanyah FifthBanyan Tree Residences Hillside Dubai1,694,6171,824929.25ReadyApartmentDeveloper
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JLT - Jumeirah Lake Towers overview

Jumeirah Lakes Towers is a residential and commercial community that offers an ideal destination to live, work, and play. The area is conveniently located off the Sheikh Zayed Road and positioned between Damac Properties and Jumeirah Metro stations providing easy access throughout the city’s major and surrounding areas.

Jumeirah Lakes Towers or famously known as JLT comprises of 64 residential, commercial, and mixed-use towers as it provides conducive facilities for over fifty thousand people working and living in the area. There are widely available apartments for sale and rent in Jumeirah Lakes Towers serving as a home to a large number of expats with mostly are young professionals and small families. It also features four winding man-made lakes surrounded by beautiful parks and kids play areas.

The area is mostly consists of high-rise towers offering a wide range of properties for sale and rent. Apartments are the common type of accommodation in the area, properties in Jumeirah Lakes Towers are mostly freehold which means buyers are guaranteed with full ownership of the property.

The noticeable Almas Tower is the tallest commercial building in the Middle East and serves as the centerpiece of the Jumeirah Lakes Tower community. Furthermore, the location is ideal to set up a business in the JLT Freezone, offering accessible government and customer services from the DMCC.

In terms of lifestyle offerings, there are also a plethora of restaurants, cafes, convenience stores, boutiques, hotels and leisure outlets spread across the area.


Jumeirah Lakes Towers is a residential and commercial community providing the ultimate place to live, work and play ideal for both professionals and families. The lakefront area provides a serene ambiance to relax with a leisurely walk, sports activities, or an intimate gathering with friends and family. Everything you need from shopping to entertainment can be found in the community and surrounding areas.

  • The Lakes provide the perfect setting for those who love the outdoors with wide walking, jogging and cycling paths, as well as restaurants and cafés.
  • Kids playgrounds are covered, making it ideal for use all year round.
  • Community events such as fairs, farmers markets, charity events and more.
  • Retail & leisure facilities such as grocery stores, nurseries, medical clinics, coffee shops, shisha locations, restaurants, spas, laundry, pharmacy, shopping outlets and a lot more.


Jumeirah Lakes Towers is conveniently located off Sheikh Zayed Road and nestled between two metro stations, including the Jumeirah Lakes Towers Station and Damac Properties Metro stations, providing easy access to downtown and the airport. Furthermore, JLT is also a commuters dream with RTA buses and taxis are available as well as 45 minutes away for those living in Abu Dhabi.