fam Properties Unveiled A New Tech-driven Property Management System


fäm Properties launched a new tech-driven property management system that will reshape the way real estate agents and landlords communicate in the UAE as well as help tenants resolve issues more efficient.

Spearheaded by our in-house tech design team, We developed an Oracle-based customer relationship management (CRM) system linked to an Android and iOS app. The online platform is created to provide solution and action to most of Dubai real estate related issues including maintenance fees, service charges, incoming rent, and all other financial aspects to calculate actual ROI for landlords.

The newest online system aims to provide peace of mind to the landlords by delivering real-time condition reports, budget estimation, and showing an actual return on investment (ROI) for individual properties. Additionally, the new platform helps tenants to provide a quick solution regarding their urgent maintenance problems through fäm Fix It App.

Our CEO Firas Al Msaddi strongly believes that this new property management services will provide much faster, easier, and effective real estate transactions among agents, landlords, and tenants. He mentioned, “This is another first for the Dubai property market, and we feel it’s particularly important in the current economic climate to adopt an innovative approach to real estate overall.”

What is fäm Fix It App?

The fäm fix is a property management application that allows clients to submit a request to fäm properties regarding house repairs such as AC breakdowns, plumbing leaks, and electrical failures that need to be fixed. Clients can take photos of whatever needs repair and submit the photos to fäm properties through the app.

This app caters to any type of properties whether villas, homes or apartments. Once the request is received, fäm properties will happily contact and assist the client in resolving these issues.

"By using the new Fix it app, which is linked to the online CRM platform, to upload information and images, tenants can instantly raise urgent maintenance issues to the immediate attention of landlords and agents.” “The obvious benefits of the app for tenants are expected to boost occupancy rates for managed units, and increasing profitability for landlords in the process,” stated by Mr. Gonzalo Rearte, Director of Asset Management for fäm Properties.

fäm New Property Management System

We have seen constant change in Dubai real estate landscape in the past years. As part of our initiatives, fäm Properties believes that our new tech-driven property management system will provide ease and dispel negative outlook towards real estate agents in the UAE market.

Our new system provides paperless access to all documents for each property and can receive comprehensive monthly, bi-annual, or annual reports. It minimises the hassle of calls, emails, and meetings with agents in the process. Additionally, Investors can take advantage of this new offering, they can access real-time data, the speed of property manager response, photos, quotations, tenant’s satisfaction and actual ROI.

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