Top Investor's Benefits for Dealing with Agencies Having a Sales Progression Department


Buying or selling property can be a stressful process as Dubai’s real estate market is developing new laws and regulations. Mature real estate agencies are shifting to having a Contracts and Sales Progression Department specialized in Dubai’s property laws. These departments ensure the conveyance process is simple for real estate customers. Real estate clients should only work with agencies featuring these services because they are the most mature. This article highlights the duties of these essential departments and how these services are advantageous to Dubai’s real estate clients.

A Contracts and Sales Progress Department ensures the Contract F is protecting both parties. Even though the Dubai Land Department approves the standardized Contract F, there are additional clauses that can be added to safeguard the buyer and seller. These specialists manage complex transactions processes while protecting the best interest of both parties. If the resale is a financed seller and a financed buyer,Sales Progression Officers ensure the implementation of certain clauses guaranteeing the seller and buyer have obtained their legal required documentation. The officer is responsible for processing the documents and fees needed for the NOC application from the developer with no delays.

In contrast, Dubai real estate agencies without these departments rely on their brokers to handle these responsibilities. Real estate agents are not specialized in creating contracts nor the due-diligence needed for this process. This increases the possibility of inaccurate information reflected in the contract. Moreover, real estate agents are busy conducting daily viewings, attending meetings, open houses and completing transactions. Agents cannot keep up with the Dubai Land Department’s laws, regulations and deadlines.

A Contracts and Sales Progression Department is vital as Dubai’s property market evolves with new laws and regulations. Sales Progression Officers are experts on property laws, regulations and trained in handling the conveyance of property between all parties and banks (if applicable). These departments simplify the transactions process and serve the interests of all parties involved.



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