What is the term Sales Progression

Sales Progressions role is to prepare all the documentation and action required to ensure a smooth transfer of property ownership. Ensuring minimal stress is endured by the Seller and Purchaser. The legal term referred to as Conveyance is the act of transferring an ownership interest in property from one party to another.

Risk Assessment

Having Sales Progression

  • One Point of contact for all parties involved
  • Updated on the Government bodies/Developers rules and regulation
  • Represent both parties in all transactions and getting all the required documents
  • Familiar with the transferring ownership process which will help expedite
  • Investment will be protected, the whole process documented and Cheques from either parties held by the Sales Progression Officer
  • Creating addendum/special clauses to ensure the interest of both parties are protected

Not having Sales Progression

  • Multiple contact which will cause miscommunication
  • Not updated on the rules and regulations which will cause delay
  • Buyer and Seller will do all the leg work themselves
  • Complicated process which can cause delay if you’re not familiar
  • Clients will be investing their money therefore they should also invest for a professional to handle their portfolio
  • Standard contract with no addendum/special clauses to protect both parties to the maximum

What will you benefit from Sales Progression service?

  • Real Estate Agents have other priorities closing new sales deals, viewings, open houses etc. A dedicated Sales Progression Officer will only handle the transfer process
  • Buying a property in Dubai is a big investment therefore having a specialist convey the process will ensure a stress free smooth Transfer
  • We will be representing you throughout the process doing all the leg work arranging all the documentation from the Government Bodies, this will save you time
  • Sales Progression will help Buyer and Seller address their concerns regarding the property without miscommunication. We will be the middle man between the parties ensuring transparent communication
  • Both buyer and sellers interest will be protected, the Sales Progression Officer will ensure all legal obligations are met
  • Making sure time frames and deadlines are obeyed as per the signed Agreement
  • Sales Progression will oversee the whole process and reduce the common cause of delay when dealing with the transaction
  • We will resolve any problems that may arise and give everyone the best solution there is from our experience
  • Having a good officer with you every step of the way will makes the process a lot less daunting knowing you’re in safe hands

What will you benefit from a Contracts Department?

  • Specialist who prepares all the Contracts
  • Special addendums and clauses ensuring protection of both parties
  • Safe guarding both parties ensuring all parties are satisfied with the terms and conditions
  • Realistic time frames and demands

Sales Progression Duties for our Clients

  • Preparing the best type of addendum to the Contract F. Each different transaction case will vary with what type of clauses they require to be implemented
  • Carry out due diligence on the Clients ensuring capability to sale or purchase as well as due diligence on the properties Title Deed
  • Liaise with all financial intuitions and Banks
  • Coordinate with the surveyor for the valuations of the property
  • Settle outstanding mortgages with Buyers who close the debt for the Sellers – ensuring to secure all parties
  • Obtaining utilities clearances that are required for NOC applications
  • Apply, follow up and collect the No Objection Certificate (NOC) from every registered property Developer
  • Release and register the mortgage with Dubai Land Department
  • Provide detailed statement of accounts for all financial outgoings for the preparation of the Property Transfer
  • Registering utilities for new home owners
  • Canceling utilities for previous home owners

The following services we offer


Gifting in Dubai is when immediate family (spouse/parent and child) transfer the ownership as per the Title Deed. If you are planning on gifting or transferring any of your property portfolio to your family or between Companies there is a lot of paper work in-between, our Sales Progression officer can take care of this to ensure the transfer is done efficiently with all the correct documentation required for such a transaction to take place.

Investment Visa

If you are purchasing free hold property in Dubai for AED 1 M or more then you are eligible to apply for an investment visa. This process is long winded and requires a lot of paper work, our Sales Progression can conduct all of this for you.

Power Of Attorney

With our Partners who specialize in Power Of Attorney services, from drafting the content ensuring the POA is best for the transaction weather its general or specific. This is perfect for the Seller or Buyer who is a busy individual that is overseas or unable to attend appointments for the transaction.

We act as legal power of attorney for both buyer and/or seller so that they can travel and work without encumbrance and know they have a company they can trust looking after their transaction.

Translation Of Documents

We are partnered up with a legal translation company who give us the best rates for legally translating any document’s required for Dubai Land Department and Dubai Courts.


Whether a Client needs their utilities disconnected enable to get their security deposit back or if a new home purchaser needs their utilities registered, we shall do this for you, ensuring all is done on your behalf.

Property Blocking

Property is usually done when the property listed is mortgaged and an agreement of sale is entered into between a Seller and a cash Buyer. It is a regular process in the Dubai Property market for the Buyer to settle the Sellers mortgage and deduct the advance payment made from the final sale proceeds.

Lost/Damage Title Deed

We provide this service of replacement of lost title deed to you. Through this service, real estate owners and landlords can apply for a title deed if the original property certificate is damaged or lost. This is done by registering an official request from the owner of the land or property.

Mortgage Release

If you wish to settle your loan early or a potential Buyer is willing to buy you out of your Mortgage we will handle all the process and guide you with all the documents required.