Signs That You’ve Hired The Wrong Real Estate Agent


Homebuyers and sellers must learn how to identify an unqualified real estate agent before making a commitment on a property transaction. Clients educated on hiring a qualified agent will decrease the chances of having an adverse experience while increasing client satisfaction and higher returns. This article aims to educate real estate clients on identifying an unqualified real estate agent before making a commitment. Listed below are the most important signals that you are working with the wrong real estate agent.

Lack of Communication

Seek a real estate agent that communicates well and willingly available to share the latest details unfolding. Clients should understand that real estate agents work extensive and inconsistent hours. However, if a client attempts to contact an agent, the agent should respond within 24-48 hours. Agents that are unavailable to immediately communicate should send a text message informing the client that they will reply shortly. A text message reply is the bare minimum an agent should fulfil regardless of how busy their schedule is. Clients should proceed with caution if an agent lacks communication early in the process.

Gauge the Agent's Experience Level

Hiring an inexperienced agent increases the possibility of obstacles and delays in reaching a desired deal. Seek an agent that is experienced and educated in the market. Inexperienced agents are typically the reason why deals fall short of completion. If you are selling your property, ask the agent how many homes they successfully sold last year? How long has the agent worked in your community? Homebuyers should have their agent explain why a particular property is better in comparison to another project in the community. Being educated on various properties and communities is a useful tool to identify an uneducated agent.

Too Aggressive in Approach

Purchasing or selling a home is a major decision for anyone. Stay away from real estate agents that are too aggressive in pressuring for commitment while believing the offer is not in your best interests. Home sellers should proceed with caution if an agent suggests they can sell your home at a significantly higher price than another agent. An agent appearing desperate to acquire clients will say anything to be hired. There is a high probability of client disappointment in this scenario. Proceed with caution before making a commitment. 

Limited Marketing Skills And Web Presence

Seek a real estate agent who's agency possesses a strong marketing team. Top agents understand a strong website presence and marketing plan is vital when working in a competitive market. Search for agents with a strong website presence along with positive reviews from past clients. Clients should expect their agent to be visible online with a widespread network of connections within the industry.

Lacks Listening Skills


Real estate agents require strong listening skills to understand the client's expectation. Agents unable to comprehend the expectations of the client will not succeed in the industry.  A qualified real estate agent will ask what timeframe does the client desire to buy/sell the property. What is the client's expectation and what is the preferred method of communication? All of these questions should be asked before continuing with the process. 








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