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Dubai is aiming to become the world's happiest city by improving the living experience of its residents. The World Happiness Report was first published in April 2012 on behalf of the UN High-Level Meeting on happiness and well-being. The annual report encourages governments to enhance the happiness levels of residents through public policy. The report's rankings are based on six indicators: freedom, generosity, health, social support, income and honest government. Dubai’s government aims to become one of the top ten happiest cities in the world, competing with Norway, Finland, Iceland and Switzerland who continuously rank high.  This article highlights Dubai’s strategy in becoming the world's happiest city while describing what is attracting 

Introducing the Happiness Meter

The Happiness Meter is one of Dubai’s leading strategic ‘smart city’ features to measure the satisfaction of residents. The meter is the world’s first live database which captures citywide measurement of happiness, allowing the government and private sectors participating in the Happiness Meter to compare the ranking of customer experiences by industry sector and geographic areas.This valuable initiative gauges the positive and negative experiences of residents across the entire city. Feedback provided to the database is anonymous, providing appropriate data without identifying the participants. The Happiness Meter presents the easiest interface for the participant to record one of three cases, satisfied,  neutral or dissatisfied.

Celebrate International Happiness Day 

The UAE celebrates International Happiness Day on March 20. This day was designated the official date of celebration by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. The symbols of happiness are also visible throughout Dubai. In Dubai. Al Sa'ada Street has been renamed Happiness Street. 

Investment Opportunities 

Dubai's real estate market is maturing with new projects and record breaking landmarks launching regularly. Investors are attracted to Dubai as the city's property market expands. The Dubai Land Department(DLD), declared the city's real estate transactions reached AED 77 million from 20,000 real estate transactions just in Q1 of 2017. The DLD data shows a 45% increase in purchases compared to Q1 of 2016. The real estate off plan market is trending with new project launches in 2017. The DLD stated that 56% of transactions were off plan in January 2017. 

The need for property is predicted to boost in the coming years as Dubai prepares to host the World Expo 2020.  Moreover, the city offers exciting real estate investment project launches not related to the World Expo's presence in Dubai. Impressive real estate projects are in Bluewaters Island, Dubai Creek Harbour and Dubai Land.

Advancing Resident Fitness Levels

A fitness lifestyle is a central part of Dubai’s culture. This city offers an outdoor friendly lifestyle as sports and outdoor classes occur on its beaches and parks. Dubai Holding and Dubai Municipality want to advance the city’s fitness levels by constructing Dubai’s largest public park in Dubailand to encourage exercise. The park will spread across 1,430,000m² (15,392,391 ft²), almost three times larger than Dubai’s Zabeel Park. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum seems to be striving to advance the fitness levels and environmental appreciation among Dubai’s residents and the park aims to strengthen Dubai’s ranking as one of the happiest cities around the world.

The park’s green landscapes and trees will enhance the air quality and existing biodiversity of Dubai land. The park will feature approximately 15,000 trees along its nature trails and throughout the park, with large spaces including extensive outdoor amenities: pedestrian trails, a 20 km jogging track, cycling tracks and scenery trails. This park is an excellent destination for athletes, families and kids of all ages. Available sports fields and courts cater to Dubai’s soccer, cricket, tennis, and basketball enthusiasts. Residents will have access to shopping outlets, quality eateries, cafes and five events areas. Phase one is scheduled for completion by the end of 2017.

Empowering Women within the Work Force

The United Arab Emirates appointed its first Minister of Happiness in February 2016. Her Excellency Ohood bint Khalfan Al Roumi was appointed the minister of state for happiness to develop the UAE’s plans, programs, and strategy to promote the happiness of the UAE’s residents. Al Roumi is one of eight females ministers within the country’s 29 member cabinet.


Dubai is a Safe City

Dubai’s residents are live in one of the safest cities in the world. Traveling in Dubai is safe throughout the day and night. Crime levels are low and theft is extremely rare. CCTV is placed in all the major areas of the city, making it difficult for individuals to get away with a crime. Dubai's consistent stability within a region deemed unstable, is attracting expats from every region to live in the Emirate. 

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