15 Budget-friendly Ideas To Your Apartment’s New Look In 2018


When it comes to apartment makeover in Dubai there are several things you should keep in mind. The number one concern is the “budget”, apart from the design, materials, gadgets, and furniture you want to include in your apartment transformation. You want to make sure the new look of your apartment will complement your requirements and prove to be helpful to your lifestyle.

Here are 15 budget-friendly ideas to help transform your apartment into a trendy space.

Proper Use of Colours

Apart from decluttering and rearranging your home stuff, one of the best ways to create spacious apartment is through proper use of colours. If you are living in a studio apartment in Dubai, having correct colour schemes create a substantial impact on the totality of your apartment. Light colours create an illusion of wideness and openness while dark tones convey more intimate and closed space.

No more Clutter!

Too much mess is really not a good idea, challenge yourself to start your year in a clean and clutter-free space. Downsize the number of knick-knacks, avoid the overly decorated living area, and let go of things that are not valuable to you. Less is definitely more!

Join Flea Market

This goes well with your decluttering mission, joining flea market in Dubai can be a good way to clean out your apartment. Dubai flea market takes all year round in different locations such as in Zabeel Park, Al Barsha Pond Park, Al Safa Park, and Jumeirah Lakes Towers. The event will help you reduce household items while earning from it at the same time. Visit dubai-fleamarket.com to know more about flea market locations, dates, and timings.

Better Home Lighting

Choosing your home lighting is limitless, proper use of LED lights and fun lamps can make your space even more stylish without hurting your budget. Update your light fittings and switches to show your own style and personality. Dubai is known for being sunny all year round, it is best if you can also maximise natural lighting from your window, layered it with sheer curtains and mirrors to channel much light as possible.

It's Time for Kitchen Revamp

The kitchen is often your go-to place, especially during holidays but changing your entire kitchen could cost you a lot. Why not consider changing the colors of your kitchen cabinet? Or replacing an old sink with a new one? You may also want to change your kitchen elements and designs to create a dramatic difference and inexpensive customisation.

Search Promos & Deals Online

If you’re on a budget for an apartment makeover, the online world has a lot to offer. You can check online shops and classified websites in Dubai wherein you can find budget-friendly household items. Souq.com offers a variety of items suitable for your apartment, they offer promos and bundle package at a very reasonable price. You may also want to check websites that sell pre-loved items and appliances like dubizzle.com where they offer quality second-hand products.

Refresh your Bathroom

You don’t need to strip-off those tiles in your bathroom to achieve the look you want. It can be costly if you consider replacing those, why not give it a fresh scrub, you’ll see a big difference right away. Replacing old toiletries and put it in a nice container, change your shower curtains and toilet rags so it can add a little drama to your bathroom. Find all these on sale from malls near you, Dubai Shopping Festival is ongoing!

Redesign your Furniture

Changing the whole furniture set in your apartment can be a tedious task, considering the space and your budget. You can redesign your sofa as well as your kitchen chairs by putting nice slipcovers, it can give your dining area a sophisticated look and add elegance to it. Or if you have little budget to spend, go on for a furniture shopping in Ikea, there’s a lot to find there at a very reasonable price.

Update Door Handles

Replacing your doorknobs and drawer handles can change the whole theme of your Dubai apartment. Use the same style throughout your home whether it is black, bronze or stainless steel fittings to give a consistent style.

Paint it Out!

If you are bored with your apartment’s old colour, repaint it with something different. Whether you want it bright, dark, or colourful, it's up to you. If you’re living in a studio apartment in Dubai, use warm or white colour throughout to increase the visual space of your home. Just a heads up! Some apartments for rent in Dubai do not allow unit repainting, talk to your landlord to ask for permission but make sure to bring back the apartment’s original paint when your tenancy contract is nearing to expire.   

Grab a Carpet

Carpeting adds to the decor of your home, it creates an image and comfort at the same time. You can choose from a different style, patterns, and texture depending on your preference. Carpets are also important insulation, it provides a feeling of warmth especially during winter season. If you want to grab affordable carpets, Dubai Shopping Festival is happening nationwide. You check shopping malls for big sales or you can visit online shopping sites like souq.com or dubizzle.com.

Select the Right Curtain

Curtains create a lot of difference in the look of your home and for anyone who lives in Dubai, having a right set of curtains is a must. Make sure to choose the right colour, design, and fabric as it also provides insulation from the country’s extreme weather condition. Dress up your window in a manner that adds comfort to you while incorporating your own personal style.

Save Space

If you are living in a compact apartment in Dubai, one of your missions is to save space as much as possible. You can replace gigantic entertainment centres, shelves, and bookcases into a more space-saving version of it. Start decluttering or rearranging your stuff, you’ll see a big difference right away. Clean and spacious!

Try Wallpapers

At the end of the day, you want to sleep in a relaxing bedroom after a long tiring work hour. Bedroom makeover perhaps? Changing the whole theme of your bedroom can help, you can start experimenting with your bedroom by putting the design you prefer. Instead of putting permanent paint in your home, try install wallpapers. Choose warm colors and repeating pattern to create continuous look throughout your space. You can purchase it online or to wallpaper supplier in Dubai, some company offers free installation.

DIY Stuff

Accessorise your apartment with your own personal style, try making your own piece of furniture or items in your home. Search for DIY ideas on Google or Youtube and let your personality connect to your space like nothing else.

This is the best time of the year to execute your makeover ideas. You’ll definitely love to stay in a new and remodelled space of yours, a fresh start in the new year!

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