Al Qudra Road Emerges as Real Estate Hot Spot for 2020


Thanks to enormous growth and development, Dubai, and the UAE in general for that matter, has been found to be a real estate investor’s paradise. Whilst real estate investment is generally seen as a good thing regardless of where you invest, some areas are unquestionably, more lucrative than others. Over the last year or so, forecasters have noted how there has been a surge in interest for properties located in, and around Al Qudra Road, Dubai. In fact, it is believed that, for 2020, this tranquil neighbourhood located in Dubai, will be one of the biggest real estate hot spots in the city. 

Why Al Qudra Road?

Real estate in the UAE is on the up, and with demand for properties in the country now soaring, it pays dividends to know precisely where would be best to invest in quality real estate. If recent trends and forecasts are anything to go by, Al Qudra Road looks set to be one of the largest real estate hot spots for 2020, and the remainder of 2019 for that matter. 

Al Qudra Road is very popular in Dubai. It is a quiet and upmarket neighbourhood with a whole variety of facilities and amenities which have helped to increase demand for properties here dramatically. To begin with, there are a number of educational institutes in the area, as well as upmarket entertainment centres located in and around. There are hospitals and well-equipped healthcare medical centres in close proximity to the hub as well, not to mention the other amenities and facilities one would hope for when moving to a new area. 

With fantastic transport links, this is yet another reason why the demand for properties in the area is on the up. Currently, around 1 in every 5 enquiries for homes in the kingdom are for properties located on Al Qudra Road. This time last year, the number was closer to 1 in 8. 

Thanks to the rapid pace of development, the seamless connectivity, the amenities, the facilities, and its sustainability, Al Qudra Road is a real estate investor’s dream come true, particularly when you consider that there is such a strong demand for family-orientated properties and communities in the area. 

It isn’t just family-orientated properties that are required, though. Al Qudra Road offers a diverse selection of real estate properties ranging from luxury apartments to smaller, more compact townhouses and aesthetic villas. 

As you can see, the info above ticks all of the right boxes, so expect to see big things from Al Qudra Road’s real estate market in the very near future. 

Areas of Interest

What’s particularly interesting is that different areas are attracting different buyers. Mira within Emaar’s Reem townhouse community for example, is highly sought after by people looking to purchase elegant homes in a peaceful and tranquil neighbourhood. Arabella in Mudon, however, is impressing buyers due to the layouts of its properties. Constructed to a very high spec, the houses here are creating quite the buzz. 

For those focussing on community living, and of course, price, the Nshama Town Square is proving to be especially popular as it provides townhouses and apartments, offering the best of both worlds. With malls, parks, retail outlets, and other awesome facilities, the area could technically be considered a suburb in its own right. 

Damac Hills is another community attracting a lot of attention from would-be buyers, due to its 42 million square feet size, and its plentiful facilities. 


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