ZUHA Island Villas- The World Islands Dubai.

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ZUHA Island
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ZUHA Island
ZUHA Island
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ZUHA Island
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ZUHA Island

ZUHA, which meansmorning light in Arabic, is the most sought-after private island in the Emirates, an island of inspiration that delights the senses and offers quality unrivaled.

ZUHA is home to a world-class, boutique retreat and only 30 limited edition exclusive private residences set around the bejeweled sea surrounding the island, which is over 2.5 million square feet with 2.5 kilometers of beachfront encircling rich greenery.

On the island, power is generated using a combination of generators and solar panels. For drinking water, water is purified and recycled on-site using a reverse osmosis desalination device, while sewage is recycled into irrigation water.

From dredging to sand pumping, generating energy to bottling water, all of the necessary elements have been put in place to create a solid, sustainable, and self-sufficient foundation for what has become one of the Worlds most coveted island resorts.

30 luxurious villas reflect the waves and embrace ZUHAs natural beauty. These dazzling waterside residences set around the bejeweled sea allow owners to immerse themselves in the mystery and pulse of ZUHA, which also houses a world-renowned boutique retreat, spa, and restaurants.

These opulent residential villas have been designed to offer residents generous plots of land, a beachfront experience, city skyline views, and the utmost privacy. Each villa encompasses the entire island in a single movement, creating a symphony as individual as you.

The initial phase of design was conceptualized to elevate the villas - to invite in the island from all sides - and to optimize the grandeur of the city skyline, beginning with basic geometric forms set upon each plot. Four distinct stories rise from the beachfront to the vast horizon, centered on a single spiraling staircase that fanns open to generous terraces on both the island and ocean sides. ZAYA allowed the island, ocean, wind, and waves to inspire, sculpt, and shape the villa in a completely unique and organic way; to become a part of ZUHA.

ZUHA Island Villas- The World Islands Dubai.
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ZUHA Island Villas- The World Islands Dubai.
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