Royal Atlantis Residences - Palm Jumeirah Dubai.

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The Royal Atlantis Residences
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The Royal Atlantis Residences
The Royal Atlantis Residences
The Royal Atlantis Residences
The Royal Atlantis Residences
The Royal Atlantis Residences
The Royal Atlantis Residences
The Royal Atlantis Residences
The Royal Atlantis Residences
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The Royal Atlantis Residences

Located on the crescent of The Palm and next to the iconic Atlantis resort, this new generation of distinctive luxury will rise at 185 meters high, double the height of Atlantis The Palm, to offer a sophisticated lifestyle experience encapsulated in dramatic architecture. 

The Royal Atlantis Residences will consist of 46-storeys offering a selection of two, three, four and five-bedroom homes, Sky Courts, Penthouses and Garden Suites. When completed, The Royal Atlantis Resort and Residences will offer 232 residences and 780 new lavish guest rooms and suites in the resort, with areas starting from 130 to 1500 square meters, on over 10 hectares of land. And to enrich the exclusivity, it offers 82 unique floor-plans and 94 swimming pools. With prices starting at approximately AED 7,000,000, The Royal Atlantis Residences will consist of contemporary living spaces with uninterrupted views of the ocean or across the waters of The Palm towards the Dubai city skyline. 

This stunning address features a breathtaking composition that grazes the Dubai Skyline, set amongst a throbbing community. The world’s leading designers, architects, and artists have carefully crafted these extravagance homes, awaiting your arrival. Enjoy the most elite address, a property in Dubai, unlike any other in the world.
Rising above the crystal clear waters of the Arabian Gulf, The Royal Atlantis Residences are amongst the most exclusive beach homes and apartments in Dubai. Each home includes the height of interior design, creating a haven of space and joy for every resident, indulging the residents and guest with a wide array of top-notch dining, leisure, entertainment, and recreational facilities, furthermore, they will have access to Atlantis The Palm amenities and services.

Enjoy a wonderful experience that is grounded in truth. You will be struck by its wonderful elegance as you approach Atlantis, The Royal Resort & Residences. Vast sheets of water erupt from the shallows in front of you, and enormous flames erupt from the depths. Fire and water are honored throughout Atlantis, The Royal providing a feeling of drama to everyday living in a world-first feat of engineering.

Rivers and fountains ran freely in the fabled Atlantis. The ocean is always present at Atlantis, The Royal. Atlantis, The Royal Resort & Residences offers beautiful views in both directions, with the renowned Dubai skyline rising above the waters of The Palm in one direction and nothing but open sea and sky in the other. The private beach redefines dining at the waters edge.

World-class designers have created an atmosphere rich in alluring pools and lush gardens, evoking the spirit of ancient Atlantis. With balconies or lushly planted terraces, the Residences will have large living and entertaining spaces. A huge open terrace with a balance of light and shade, delivering prevailing breezes over water and gardens, is available in select Residences.

Our The Royal Atlantis Residences

Properties for
sale .
AS-53599AED   AED 7,500,0001,686Superior 2 Bed Type A Ocean View Aparment3CommunityYes
AS-53600AED   AED 12,094,0002,600New | Panoramic Sea Views | Resale | Huge Balcony3CommunityYes
AS-53601AED   AED 12,666,0002,690High End | 3 BR | Atlantis Palm View Apartment 4SeaYes
AS-53603AED   AED 120,000,00016,4863 Storey | Superior Penthouse | Dual View6CommunityYes
AS-53606AED   AED 33,000,0005,429Spectacular 5 Bed Penthouse | Dual View |5CommunityYes
AS-53607AED   AED 18,000,0003,633Elegant | Splendid Dual View | 4 BR| Apartment5CommunityYes
AS-53615AED   AED 32,750,0005,428Luxurious 5BR with stunning views|High Floor|Type16Palm JumeirahYes
AS-53618AED   AED 32,804,2996,544Rare unit to Buy | Available To Buy | Exclusive8SeaYes
AS-53619AED   AED 7,308,0001,733Remarkable 2 B/R Tailored to Highest Standards3SeaYes
AS-53625AED   AED 38,000,0005,956Exquisite Garden Suite | 4 Bed | Dual View5SeaYes
AS-53626AED   AED 33,710,0005,428Signature| Ultra Luxury | Palm & Sea Views7SeaYes
AS-53628AED   AED 7,514,0001,6112 BR Luxury Apartment | Sea View | Brand New3SeaYes
AS-53630AED   AED 15,000,0002,952High Floor | Luxurious 3 Bed | Best Dual View3SeaYes
AS-53631AED   AED 11,000,0002,405Best 2 Bed Dual View Apt in Royal Atlantis3SeaYes
AS-53632AED   AED 180,000,00016,487Signature Pentouse | 5 Bedroom | Sky Spa Suite6SeaYes
AS-53638AED   AED 18,425,0003,6294 BR Luxury Apartment | Brand New | Great View5SeaYes
AS-53639AED   AED 13,973,0002,9403 BR Luxury Apartment | Brand New | Great View4SeaYes
AS-53650AED   AED 38,000,0007,475Luxurious 4BR |Garden Suit | Private Pool4SeaYes
AS-53651AED   AED 32,750,0005,428Luxurious 5BR |Panoramic Sea View| Private Beach6SeaYes
AS-53662AED   AED 8,234,0001,943Ultra Luxury | Stunning Sea-View | Iconic Location3SeaYes
AS-53668AED   AED 7,200,0001,918Luxury Lifestyle with Breathtaking View3SeaYes
AS-53674AED   AED 150,000,00027,236Triplex Penthouse with miraculous views7SeaYes
AS-53682AED   AED 7,200,0001,800Your Luxury Residence Living by the Sea3Palm JumeirahYes
AS-53712AED   AED 14,952,0002,964Luxurious Apartment with Dazzling Seascape2CommunityYes
AS-53735AED   AED 10,849,8882,122Oceanfront / luxury living / Brand new3SeaYes
AS-53742AED   AED 18,270,0003,630panoramic view l Magnificent posh Residences6Palm JumeirahYes
AS-53745AED   AED 14,153,0003,028Signature Skycout with expextacular view3SeaYes
AS-53799AED   AED 14,153,0002,808Unique Luxury Residence Living by the Sea4Palm JumeirahYes
AS-53873AED   AED 7,200,0001,918Luxury Oceanfront Living | The Royal Atlantis3SeaYes
AS-53875AED   AED 13,381,0003,642Luxury Oceanfront Living | Large 3BR5SeaYes
AS-53877AED   AED 14,000,0003,439Luxury Oceanfront Living | Sea View | Privet Beach5SeaYes
AS-53958AED   AED 15,440,0002,5212 BR Sky Court | Type 6 | Private Pool4SeaYes
AS-54000AED   AED 7,200,0001,686Opening this December | Sea View | Luxury Living3SeaYes
AS-54002AED   AED 14,153,0002,2962 Bedroom Sky Court Type | Private Pool | Sea View3SeaYes
AS-54027AED   AED 6,980,9961,686Best Deal | Sea View | 2BR | Royal Atlantis3SeaYes
AS-54030AED   AED 7,178,0001,869Palm View | Best Deal | Royal Atlantis3Palm JumeirahYes
AS-54398AED   AED 19,878,0004,728Oceanfront Luxury Living | Bespoke Design5Palm JumeirahYes
AS-54399AED   AED 7,720,0001,929Unparalleled Sophistication | December 20213SeaYes
AS-54531AED   AED 19,878,0004,667Dual View of Palm & Sea|Ultra Luxury|Ready Dec20216SeaYes
AS-54533AED   AED 13,676,0003,942One of a Kind project | Handover Dec 20214SeaYes
AS-54626AED   AED 9,500,0001,869Luxurious 2 Bedroom Apartment | Handover Soon3CommunityYes
AS-54627AED   AED 22,250,0004,805Ultra Luxury|4 BR Apartment|The Royal Atlantis5CommunityYes
AS-55256AED   AED 7,200,0003,950Icon of Luxury | Payment Plan | Private Beach4CommunityYes
AS-55260AED   AED 12,094,0004,562Private Pool Terrace | 3 BD+M | Payment Plan5CommunityYes
AS-55268AED   AED 18,270,0004,421 Luxurious | 4 Bed + M | Payment Plan6Palm JumeirahYes
AS-55273AED   AED 33,710,0005,428Direct Beach Access | 5 Bedroom | Private pool7Palm JumeirahYes
AS-55274AED   AED 180,000,00016,4863 Floor Penthouse | Beachfront Haven |Payment Plan6CommunityYes
AS-57690AED   AED 9,675,0002,384Amazing 2 Bedroom with Palm View | Royal Atlantis3Palm JumeirahYes
AS-57692AED   AED 8,337,0002,028Brand New 2 BR | Luxury Living | Sea View3SeaYes
AS-57695AED   AED 15,028,0003,441High Floor | Sea and Palm View | Prime Location4SeaYes
AS-57770AED   AED 8,130,4992,055Luxurious 2 BR Apartment | 5% Reservation3Palm JumeirahYes
AS-57772AED   AED 13,895,2993,5025% Down Payment | Palm and Sea View4SeaYes
AS-57776AED   AED 21,312,3994,126Signature Residence | 4 BR Apartment | Dual View5SeaYes
AS-58274AED   AED 11,425,0002,964Prestigious and Luxurious 2 B/R 2Palm JumeirahYes
AS-58453AED   AED 13,618,0003,676High Luxurious | 3BR | Dubai Marina Skyline View4CommunityYes
AS-58950AED   AED 33,710,0005,429Signature Residence - Royal Atlantis -By the Beach4SeaYes
AS-58952AED   AED 18,425,0003,679Ultimate beachfront lifestyle experience5SeaYes
AS-58956AED   AED 21,313,0003,631New architectural piece in the city - Palm5SeaYes
AS-58960AED   AED 13,767,0002,893Perfect balance of luxury and tranquility4SeaYes
AS-58966AED   AED 13,618,0002,981Spectacular views of The Palm, The Dubai Skyline4SeaYes
AS-58967AED   AED 15,054,0003,017Ultimate beachfront lifestyle experience 4SeaYes
AS-58969AED   AED 14,256,0002,804The Home You Deserve - Royal Atlantis4SeaYes
VS-53684AED   AED 23,250,0009,3382 Bedroom Garden Suite with private pool4Palm JumeirahYes
VS-55272AED   AED 38,805,0005,9574Bed TOWNHOUSE | The Royal Atlantis | Payment Plan6Palm JumeirahYes
VS-57774AED   AED 38,864,9906,283High Floor | Palm and Sea View | Luxury Living5SeaYes
VS-58487AED   AED 42,510,0006,963Dual View | 4BR Villa | Huge Balcony | Sale6CommunityYes
VS-58552AED   AED 24,889,0004,003Beachfront Villa With Private pool Palm Jumeirah 4SeaYes
VS-58554AED   AED 38,805,0006,268Beachfront Villa | Private Pool | Palm Jumeirah6CommunityYes
VS-58577AED   AED 38,867,0006,283Beachfront Villa | Private Pool | Palm Jumeirah6SeaYes
VS-58578AED   AED 41,301,0006,957Luxury Villa in Palm Jumeirah With Private Pool6CommunityYes

The Royal Atlantis Residences Palm Jumeirah FAQ.

  • Where is the location of The Royal Atlantis Residences?

    The Royal Atlantis Residences is located in Palm Jumeirah. Visit The Royal Atlantis Residences location map.
  • What are the available amenities in The Royal Atlantis Residences?

    Gym, Shared pool, Valet parking
  • Who are the top agents to sell, list, and rent in The Royal Atlantis Residences?

    Alexander James Scriven, Anna-Mari Kaksonen, Azmath Khan, Chantal Colairo, Danny Walsh, Eleni Piperidou, Ilya Balin, Ines Ntavyibuha, Jaime Lynn Motsch, Natalia Voronina, Nataliya Skrypal, Robert Kenneth Allsopp, Ryan Kenna, Sana Salamat, Yvonne Hunter, Zawar Hussain