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Mudon is a family oriented community that offers residents a tranquil yet active lifestyle fifteen minutes away from downtown Dubai, in a friendly self-contained neighborhood with its own shopping center, schools, nursery, health club, Mosque, and parks. This 30 million sq. ft. residential development will be home to over 4000 people with 800+ villas and townhouses. Villas range from 3 to 5 bedrooms and townhouses are sold in units of 2, 4 and 6.

Project Highlights:

  • Schools
  • Parks and gardens
  • Community center with a pool, health club, tennis court & clinic 
  • Gyms
  • Cycling routes
  • Walking paths
  • Nursery
  • Children's play areas

Nearby Places:

  • Fifteen minutes away from Downtown Dubai & accessible via Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road & Emirates Road Minutes away from recreational, entertainment and lifestyle attractions, including Motor City, Sports City, the Dubai Swimming Academy, Dubai Outlet Mall, Hamdan Sports Complex and a plethora of restaurants and cafes.

Arabella Mudon Townhouses

Dubai Land
Dubai Properties
Property Type
Project launch
Handover Date
Title Type
400.00 - 1,950.00 (expected)

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  • No Commision
  • Direct Sales
  • Simple & Quick Process
  • No Premium
  • 2 Bed(s)
    Bed(s) Townhouse

    1669 Sqft.


  • 3 Bed(s)
    Bed(s) Villa

    3716 - 4260 Sqft.


  • 3 Bed(s)
    Bed(s) Townhouse

    1964 - 2400 Sqft.


  • 4 Bed(s)
    Bed(s) Villa

    4755 Sqft.


  • 4 Bed(s)
    Bed(s) Townhouse

    2603 - 3808 Sqft.


  • 5 Bed(s)
    Bed(s) Villa

    3041 - 5760 Sqft.


  • 5 Bed(s)
    Bed(s) Townhouse

    3068 Sqft.


Building namePayment OrderPaymentPayment date
CommonFirst Payment5 %-
 On Handover60 %-
 Under Construction35 %-
Arabella Townhouses Phase 3-100 %-
Building nameNo of floorsNo of unitsHeight (m)
Al Salam Townhouses - Dubai Landnot specifiednot specifiednot specified
Arabella Townhouses Phase 1 - Dubai Land1not specifiednot specified
Arabella Townhouses Phase 2 - Dubai Landnot specifiednot specifiednot specified
Arabella Townhouses Phase 3 - Dubai Land1not specifiednot specified
Mudon Views - Dubai Land0not specifiednot specified
Naseem Townhouses - Dubai Land1not specifiednot specified
Rahat Villas - Dubai Land1not specifiednot specified
Full Garden
Main Road
Open Area
Al Zahra (Barsha)
D 63 (Umm Suqeim Street)
Dubai Outlet Mall
E 311(Emirates Road)
E 611(Dubai Bypass Road)
GEMS Metropole Motor City
JESS Ranches
Kings School
Mall Of The Emirates
Medicentre Motor City
Mediclinic Arabian Ranches
Ranches Souk
Safa Community School
Saudi German Hospital


Al Salam Townhouses VS-182593,049,9503,790Exclusive|Park View|Single Row TH-B|25ParkYesNo
Al Salam Townhouses VS-142943,450,0003,810Al Salam TH-A|Single Row|Highly Maintained24Community on 30-APR-17No
Al Salam Townhouses VS-183953,299,9503,790Maintained 4BR TH w/ Pool Near Town Center25ParkYesNo
Arabella Townhouses Phase 1 VS-110321,649,9502,0003BR Middle Unit Arabella TH Near Central Park23CommunityYesNo
Arabella Townhouses Phase 1 VS-145061,905,0001,984Low OP 3BR Townhouse in Arabella 1 Facing Park!24Community on 31-DEC-17No
Arabella Townhouses Phase 2 VS-187542,431,0002,6034BR Semi-detached Townhouse Available24Community on 23-MAR-19No
Arabella Townhouses Phase 2 VS-187562,529,0002,603Incredible 4BR Townhouse w/ Huge Layout24Community on 23-MAR-19No
Arabella Townhouses Phase 2 VS-187552,512,0002,6034BR Townhouse w/ Maid’s Room For Sale24Community on 23-MAR-19No
Arabella Townhouses Phase 2 VS-187522,423,0002,603Contemporary Townhouse w/ Huge Layout24Community on 23-MAR-19No
Arabella Townhouses Phase 3 VS-187862,981,0002,683Own Affordable Villa in Mudon| 60% on Handover24CommunityYesNo
Arabella Townhouses Phase 3 VS-187742,549,0002,281Own Affordable Villa in Mudon| 60% on Handover24CommunityYesNo
Arabella Townhouses Phase 3 VS-187652,467,0002,683Easy Payment Plan| Arabella 3| 3BR Mid TH24CommunityYesNo
Arabella Townhouses Phase 3 VS-187421,599,9991,965Arabella 3| 3BR Mid TH| 60% on Handover23ParkYesNo
Arabella Townhouses Phase 3 VS-187592,102,0002,281Easy Payment Plan| Arabella 3| 3BR Mid TH24CommunityYesNo
Arabella Townhouses Phase 3 VS-187602,118,0002,013Easy Payment Plan| Arabella 3| 3BR Mid TH24CommunityYesNo
Arabella Townhouses Phase 3 VS-187452,420,0002,685Pre-Launch Prices!| Arabella 3| 4BR Semi-Detached24CommunityYesNo
Arabella Townhouses Phase 3 VS-187622,124,0002,281Easy Payment Plan| Arabella 3| 3BR Mid TH23CommunityYesNo
Arabella Townhouses Phase 3 VS-187392,799,9903,041Only 5% Down!| Arabella 3| 5BR Villa25PoolYesNo
Arabella Townhouses Phase 3 VS-187642,463,0002,281Easy Payment Plan| Arabella 3| 3BR Mid TH24CommunityYesNo
Arabella Townhouses Phase 3 VS-187462,881,0003,041Own Affordable 5BR Detached Villa in Mudon!25CommunityYesNo
Arabella Townhouses Phase 3 VS-187842,706,0002,683Own Affordable Villa in Mudon| 60% on Handover24CommunityYesNo
Arabella Townhouses Phase 3 VS-187361,600,0001,964Easy Payment Plan| Arabella 3| 3BR Mid TH00Community on 30-NOV-20No
Naseem Townhouses VS-66583,450,0003,808Park Facing Corner Unit Townhouse - Great Location24CommunityYesNo
Naseem Townhouses VS-62213,800,0003,808Largest Plot on corner TH, Motivated Seller!!23Community on 01-NOV-17No
Naseem Townhouses VS-62533,600,0003,808Park Facing Corner unit, Away from Road23Community on 10-JAN-17No
Naseem Townhouses VS-63033,500,0003,800Well Located, Ph 1 Vacant corner TH,Far from Road25CommunityYesNo
Naseem Townhouses VR-6360180,0003,786-------------- Coming Soon -------------25CommunityYesNo
Naseem Townhouses VS-66413,100,0003,786Phase 2 Great Location 4BR Townhouse Mudon25Community on 01-FEB-18No
Naseem Townhouses VR-9074174,9903,810Corner Townhouse for ONLY 195K, Facing Park25ParkYesNo
Naseem Townhouses VR-19194165,0003,790Naseem 4B TH-B|Brand New|Facing Park25ParkYesNo
Naseem Townhouses VR-18899180,0003,786Great Villa Option - Single Row Townhouse23CommunityYesNo
Naseem Townhouses VR-7432180,0003,808Brand new 4BR Townhouse Corner Unit25CommunityYesNo
Naseem Townhouses VR-8023169,9993,790TH-B in Phase 1|Single Row|High Privacy25CommunityYesNo
Naseem Townhouses VR-7445180,0003,808Very Unique Large Plot Corner Townhouse in Heart o25CommunityYesNo
Naseem Townhouses VS-86793,499,9903,808The best unit in phase 1, Brand new Corner,vacant24ParkYesNo
Naseem Townhouses VR-13509189,9903,808Perfect location close to Community Centre24ParkYesNo
Naseem Townhouses VS-86803,499,9903,808Brand new semi-detached corner unit in phase 1!24CommunityYesNo
Naseem Townhouses VR-13510189,9903,808Single row! Walking distance to Community Center24CommunityYesNo
Naseem Townhouses VS-75543,050,0003,786Single Row Unit, Motivated Seller23CommunityYesNo
Naseem Townhouses VR-8867195,0003,810Al Salam|Landscaped Large Garden|Type A TH25Community on 31-MAR-17No
Naseem Townhouses VS-96522,874,9903,808EXCLUSIVE! VACANT! | VASTU NE Facing 4BR24ParkYesNo
Naseem Townhouses VS-136833,150,0003,786Great location for this type B middle unit.25CommunityYesNo
Naseem Townhouses VR-9319175,0003,780Amazing deal below the market and best Location Ty25Community on 20-MAY-16No
Naseem Townhouses VS-116192,950,0003,7864BR Type B Townhouse Facing Large Park24CommunityYesNo
Naseem Townhouses VS-119762,899,9503,800Single Row|Investment Opportunity|Vacant24Main RoadYesNo
Naseem Townhouses VS-117193,100,0003,800Brand New 4BR Townhouse single row24CommunityYesNo
Naseem Townhouses VS-111113,100,0003,808Corner Plot|Park Facing| Vacant24CommunityYesNo
Naseem Townhouses VS-116153,075,0003,790Brand New TH Facing Large Park24CommunityYesNo
Naseem Townhouses VS-116163,050,0003,790Single Row TH w/ Back Garden Entrance Facing Park25CommunityYesNo
Naseem Townhouses VS-116182,924,9503,786Back-To-Back TH Facing Large Park25ParkYesNo
Naseem Townhouses VS-132643,449,9903,786Below OP! Single Row Facing the Big Park24CommunityYesNo
Naseem Townhouses VS-143733,000,0003,800Brand New Townhouse in a Perfect Location15CommunityYesNo
Naseem Townhouses VR-15837190,0003,800Brand New Townhouse in a Perfect Location14CommunityYesNo
Naseem Townhouses VS-144133,100,0003,808Tonwhouse in a great location and nice view14CommunityYesNo
Naseem Townhouses VR-15843190,0003,808Tonwhouse in a great location and nice view14CommunityYesNo
Naseem Townhouses VR-15845190,0003,808Townhouse in a perfect location14CommunityYesNo
Naseem Townhouses VR-15842190,0003,8084 BR Townhouse with perfect view.14CommunityYesNo
Naseem Townhouses VS-142663,200,0003,786Middle townhouse in front of a garden and kids pla23Community on 09-FEB-17No
Naseem Townhouses VS-147933,290,0003,800Upgraded corner unit in phase 1, single row25ParkYesNo
Naseem Townhouses VS-168723,300,0004,1104 bed Brand new corner townhouse , great location25CommunityYesNo
Naseem Townhouses VR-17831170,0004,110Brand new corner 4bed townhouse amazing location25CommunityYesNo
Rahat Villas VS-102105,200,0005,569Independent 5 Bed Type B with largest plot25CommunityYesNo
Rahat Villas VR-18079250,0005,5605B|Near Pool| Large Plot|Negotiable26Full GardenYesNo
Rahat Villas VS-114725,173,3005,5685BR Villa Great Location in Mudon26Park on 15-MAY-16No
Rahat Villas VS-114735,175,5005,5685BR Villa in Mudon Nicely Located26Park on 01-SEP-16No
Rahat Villas VS-119804,850,0005,500Best Priced, Park Facing Type-B 5 bed26Full GardenYesNo
Rahat Villas VS-114765,414,2005,568Large Plot Great Location 5Br Villa in Mudon26Park on 15-FEB-16No
Rahat Villas VS-115045,200,0005,530Ready Vacant 5B Corner Villa w/ HUGE Garden26CommunityYesNo
Rahat Villas VS-115223,850,0003,570Massive Plot | Park Facing| Superb24Community on 30-AUG-16No
Rahat Villas VS-115253,650,0003,7163B| Massive Plot| Extended Driveway| Corner Plot24CommunityYesNo
Rahat Villas VS-117784,949,9505,6005B Type Villa in Central Location26CommunityYesNo
Rahat Villas VS-119573,600,0003,574Great Location for this 3 Bed Type B. Ready Soon!24Full Garden on 30-JUN-17No
Rahat Villas VS-114704,386,8004,7084 Bed independent Villa for sale25Park on 15-SEP-16No
Rahat Villas VS-120004,599,9904,6504BR Villa in Best Location! Great Investor deal25Full GardenYesNo
Rahat Villas VS-132485,250,0005,560Independent 5 Bed Mudon- Quiet Location26CommunityYesNo
Rahat Villas VR-12001225,0004,650Brand New Next to the Park! Close to the Pool25Full GardenYesNo
Rahat Villas VR-12384215,0005,261Exclusive and Verfied: 5A Villa Near Sport Fields26Community on 31-JAN-17No
Rahat Villas VS-125654,200,0004,700Rare 4 bedroom villa in a Perfect Location25CommunityYesNo
Rahat Villas VS-149083,750,0003,5743Bed independent Corner Villa for sale24CommunityYesNo
Rahat Villas VS-126934,995,0003,100Park Backing 5 BED TYPE A with great views05CommunityYesNo
Rahat Villas VS-137874,000,0003,0057,000SQFT Plot Corner Unit Close to th Pool23Community on 31-AUG-16No
Rahat Villas VS-147385,100,0005,560Best 5B| Close to Pool| Fabulous Views24CommunityYesNo
Rahat Villas VS-114715,410,9005,5685BR Villa in Mudon Best Location26Community on 15-SEP-16No

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