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Mudon is a family oriented community that offers residents a tranquil yet active lifestyle fifteen minutes away from downtown Dubai, in a friendly self-contained neighborhood with its own shopping center, schools, nursery, health club, Mosque and parks. This 30 million sq. ft. residential development will be home to over 4000 people with 800+ villas and townhouses. Villas range from 3 to 5 bedrooms and townhouses are sold in units of 2, 4 and 6.

Project Highlights:

  • Schools
  • Parks and gardens
  • Community centre with a pool, health club, tennis court & clinic 
  • Gyms
  • Cycling routes
  • Walking paths
  • Nursery
  • Childrens play areas

Nearby Places:

  • Fifteen minutes away from Downtown Dubai & accessible via Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road & Emirates Road Minutes away from recreational, entertainment and lifestyle attractions, including: Motor City, Sports City, the Dubai Swimming Academy, Dubai Outlet Mall, Hamdan Sports Complex and a plethora of restaurants and cafes.

Arrabella Mudon Townhouses

Arabella Townhouses VS-165452,289,0002,400Gated community Unit with full amenities24CommunityYesNo
Arabella Townhouses VS-165572,468,0002,603Lowest Price Unit Available in Arabella 225CommunityYesNo
Arabella Townhouses VS-121232,480,0002,713Arabella Townhouse in Mudon for Sale13CommunityYesNo
Arabella Townhouses VS-118131,713,0003,8684BR Tonwhouse in Mudon for sale04CommunityYesNo
Arabella Townhouses VS-119622,130,0002,713Arabella Tonwhouse for Sale in Mudon23CommunityYesNo
Arabella Townhouses VS-118182,495,0003,8684 BR Townhouse in Mudon for Sale04CommunityYesNo
Arabella Townhouses VS-112122,050,0001,994Corner Unit, ready in 2018 ,70% on completion04Community on 02-FEB-18No
Arabella Townhouses VS-122001,921,0002,731Arabella for sale in Mudon23CommunityYesNo
Arabella Townhouses VS-112701,746,0003,868Arabella Townhouse for Sale in Mudon04CommunityYesNo
Arabella Townhouses VS-105451,884,0002,0003bed Corner unit on a perfect payment plan24Full GardenYesNo
Arabella Townhouses VS-105461,671,0002,0003 BED mid unit perfect payment plan23CommunityYesNo
Arabella Townhouses VS-110321,730,0002,00070% on Handover. 3BR Middle TH in Arabella 1.23CommunityYesNo
Arabella Townhouses VS-136461,633,0002,4002 BR Arabella Townhouse in Mudon23CommunityYesNo
Arabella Townhouses VS-142282,083,0002,999Spacious Semi detached Townhouse23CommunityYesNo
Arabella Townhouses VS-135812,600,0003,068Excellent Location 5br Townhouse23CommunityYesNo
Arabella Townhouses VS-136262,056,0002,0003Bedroom Type A Arabella 223Community on 15-FEB-19No
Arabella Townhouses VS-118192,260,0003,8684 BR Townhouse in Mudon for Sale04CommunityYesNo
Arabella Townhouses VS-144281,804,0002,027Arabella 2 Townhouse, will be ready on 201823CommunityYesNo
Arabella Townhouses VS-151611,807,0002,027Arabella 2 excellent price and location24Main RoadYesNo
Arabella Townhouses VS-165422,245,0002,400Spacious Unit in Best Location24CommunityYesNo
Arabella Townhouses VS-165582,474,0002,603Semi-detached Townhouse with Best Payment Plan25CommunityYesNo
Arabella Townhouses VS-165432,246,0002,400Luxurious Townhouse Pay 40% over 3 years24Full GardenYesNo
Arabella Townhouses VS-165442,250,0002,400Affordable Luxury, Easy payment plan24CommunityYesNo
Arabella Townhouses VS-165462,349,0002,400Spacious townhouse in great location24CommunityYesNo
Arabella Townhouses VS-165472,419,0002,603Lush Townhouse for family,easy access to the city25Open AreaYesNo
Arabella Townhouses VS-165482,423,0002,603Spacious Townhouse with great amenities25Open AreaYesNo
Arabella Townhouses VS-165492,431,0002,603Townhouse in UNBELIEVABLE Payment plan25Open AreaYesNo
Arabella Townhouses VS-165502,432,0002,603Luxurious unit with landscaped gardens & pool25Open AreaYesNo
Arabella Townhouses VS-165512,433,0002,603Elegant 4 bedroom TH in Perfect Location25Open AreaYesNo
Arabella Townhouses VS-165522,433,0002,603Huge Townhouse with Great Amenities25Open AreaYesNo
Arabella Townhouses VS-165532,439,0002,603Spacious Unit with Best Payment Plan25Open AreaYesNo
Arabella Townhouses VS-165562,450,0002,603Elegant Lowest Price Townhouse in Great Location25CommunityYesNo
Arabella Townhouses VS-165612,477,0002,603Semi-detached Unit with Attractive Payment Plan25CommunityYesNo
Naseem Townhouses VR-12060190,0003,8084BR brand new townhouse corner townhouse.24Community on 05-APR-16No
Naseem Townhouses VS-120593,370,0003,808Best option for end unit with most privacy, vacant24Community on 01-SEP-16No
Naseem Townhouses VS-131453,100,0003,8084 Bed Type B Inside community24Community on 30-JUN-16No
Naseem Townhouses VS-168183,250,0003,756Luxurious townhouse, Easy access to the city25CommunityYesNo
Naseem Townhouses VR-12164210,0003,808Near Community Swimming Pool, 4BR Townhouse24Community on 16-MAR-17No
Naseem Townhouses VS-131153,200,0003,786Type B in great Location! September 201623CommunityYesNo
Naseem Townhouses VR-16817170,0003,800Spacious Townhouse in a great location25CommunityYesNo
Naseem Townhouses VS-62054,200,0003,808Semi Detached|Tenanted|Huge Plot23CommunityYesNo
Naseem Townhouses VR-15843190,0003,808Tonwhouse in a great location and nice view14CommunityYesNo
Naseem Townhouses VS-117193,600,0003,800Brand New 4BR Townhouse in Perfect Location24CommunityYesNo
Naseem Townhouses VS-144133,100,0003,808Tonwhouse in a great location and nice view14CommunityYesNo
Naseem Townhouses VR-11720185,0003,8004BR Brand New in Great Location24CommunityYesNo
Naseem Townhouses VS-62044,000,0003,808Huge Plot| Tenanted| Small Courtyard23Community on 01-JUL-17No
Naseem Townhouses VS-111113,300,0003,808Corner Plot|Park Facing| Vacant24CommunityYesNo
Naseem Townhouses VS-62223,800,0003,808Corner Unit Twin Villa. Largest Plot.23Community on 01-JUL-18No
Naseem Townhouses VS-86783,500,0003,808Semi-detached phase-1 away from road!Investor deal24Park on 15-NOV-17No
Naseem Townhouses VR-13510200,0003,808Single row! Walking distance to Community Center24ParkYesNo
Naseem Townhouses VS-62863,400,0003,790Single Row Privacy 4BR Middle Unit TH24Community on 30-JUN-16No
Naseem Townhouses VS-86803,500,0003,808Brand new semi-detached corner unit in phase 1!24ParkYesNo
Naseem Townhouses VS-62873,380,0003,790Phase 1 Type B 4BR Townhouse w/ Garden View25Community on 30-JUN-16No
Naseem Townhouses VS-73933,700,0003,786Great Villa Option - Single Row Townhouse23CommunityYesNo
Naseem Townhouses VS-74273,500,0003,800Walking distance to Community centre! Brand new24ParkYesNo
Naseem Townhouses VR-13509200,0003,808Perfect location close to Community Centre24ParkYesNo
Naseem Townhouses VS-86793,500,0003,808The best unit in phase 1, Brand new Corner,vacant24ParkYesNo
Naseem Townhouses VS-63553,800,0003,800Landscape garden with private pool.25Community on 21-JAN-17Yes
Naseem Townhouses VR-13185190,0003,808Great Location, Park Facing, Corner Townhouse24CommunityYesNo
Naseem Townhouses VR-11137190,0003,808Large Plot Backed to Park Corner 4BR Mudon25Community on 01-NOV-16No
Naseem Townhouses VS-66583,300,0003,808Park Facing Corner Unit Townhouse - Great Location24CommunityYesNo
Naseem Townhouses VS-106233,500,0003,808Big Plot. Corner Villa. Swimming Pool.25CommunityYesYes
Naseem Townhouses VS-106323,400,0003,800Vacant Corner Unit next the new exit!! Best Deal24CommunityYesNo
Naseem Townhouses VS-62403,100,0003,808Park Facing Phase 1 Corner Unit, Best Price23CommunityYesNo
Naseem Townhouses VS-74353,600,0003,808Best location, Corner Townhouse with Large plot25Community on 30-JUN-17No
Naseem Townhouses VS-62333,250,0003,808Townhouse with Built in Appliances25Community on 15-JUN-17No
Naseem Townhouses VS-62413,500,0003,808Corner Type A for sale, away from Road.23Community on 30-JUN-16No
Naseem Townhouses VS-99883,200,0003,786End unit | Big plot | Single row | Park facing22ParkYesNo
Naseem Townhouses VS-66413,200,0003,786Phase 2 Great Location 4BR Townhouse Mudon25Community on 31-OCT-16No
Naseem Townhouses VR-11718180,0003,800Landscaping by owner | Close to park.24CommunityYesNo
Naseem Townhouses VS-96523,000,0003,808Park Facing! 4BR Townhouse in Mudon24ParkYesNo
Naseem Townhouses VR-8867195,0003,786Large Plot, Spacious Layout Townhouse24CommunityYesNo
Naseem Townhouses VS-121143,600,0003,8084 Bedroom Brand new Townhouse in Mudon24Full Garden on 30-SEP-16No
Naseem Townhouses VR-12115210,0003,8084BR brand new townhouse for rent.24Full Garden on 05-APR-16No
Naseem Townhouses VS-136833,500,0003,786Great location for this middle unit.23CommunityYesNo
Naseem Townhouses VS-119233,400,0003,800Brand New TypeA for sale in best location24Community on 31-MAR-16No
Naseem Townhouses VR-11924200,0003,800Amazing location! 4br townhouse available now!24Community on 31-MAR-16No
Naseem Townhouses VS-119393,500,0003,808Good Location Corner Unit Townhouse25Park on 15-MAY-16No
Naseem Townhouses VS-117173,700,0003,800Brand New 4 BR Townhouse in Great Location24CommunityYesNo
Naseem Townhouses VS-118153,600,0003,810Unbeatable!! Single row facing park! 6500sqft plot25CommunityYesNo
Naseem Townhouses VS-75543,199,9903,786Single Row Unit, Motivated Seller23CommunityYesNo
Naseem Townhouses VS-115183,500,0003,800Brand New Townhouse in Great Location23Community on 31-MAR-16No
Naseem Townhouses VR-11920180,0003,790Park facing middle unit on ideal location25CommunityYesNo
Naseem Townhouses VR-11546180,0003,800Brand new in great location and Easy Access23Full GardenYesNo
Naseem Townhouses VR-11973190,0003,800Middle Unit Including Appliances!24CommunityYesNo
Naseem Townhouses VS-86723,450,0003,781Amazing Single row Corner unit type A in phase-1!25CommunityYesNo
Naseem Townhouses VS-116183,150,0003,786Ready 4BR Brand new town house24CommunityYesNo
Naseem Townhouses VS-116193,150,0003,7864BR Type B Townhouse Facing Large Park in Phase 224CommunityYesNo
Naseem Townhouses VS-62804,000,0003,8004BR Corner unit town house in huge plot25Community on 30-DEC-14No
Naseem Townhouses VS-117143,500,0003,800Best Location 4BR Townhouse Facing big park!24CommunityYesNo
Naseem Townhouses VS-63033,500,0003,800Rare Ph 1 Vacant corner TH, Away from Road25CommunityYesNo
Naseem Townhouses VS-116163,200,0003,790Single Row TH w/ Backdoor Facing Park24CommunityYesNo
Naseem Townhouses VS-62533,600,0003,808Park Facing Corner unit, Away from Road23Community on 10-JAN-17No
Naseem Townhouses VS-119223,100,0003,790Ready Impeccable 4BR TH Facing Playground25ParkYesNo
Naseem Townhouses VS-116153,200,0003,790BRAND NEW Phase 2 Mudon Townhouse!24CommunityYesNo
Naseem Townhouses VS-109723,150,0003,790Ready & Vancat Phase 2 TH w/ Maximum Privacy15CommunityYesNo
Naseem Townhouses VR-14757190,0003,790Type B Private Townhouse w/ Backdoor Access24CommunityYesNo
Naseem Townhouses VS-118113,550,0003,810Type A Townhouse Walking Distance to Kids Zone25CommunityYesNo
Naseem Townhouses VR-11532200,0003,800Perfect location in best courtyard! Easy access23Community on 31-OCT-16No
Naseem Townhouses VS-62213,800,0003,808Largest Plot on corner Villa, Motivated Seller!!23Community on 01-NOV-17No
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 Under Construction220 %-
 On Handover70 %-