1-3BR Apartments: Olivia Residences in Dubai Investments Park.

Olivia Residences

  • Katja Kristl Simonic

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Starting price
AED 1.1M
  • Karma Real Estate Developer
  • Q1-2026Completion date
  • Type
  • Lifestyle
  • FreeholdTitle type

Olivia Residences
Payment plans.

  • 10%

    First Installment


  • 30%

    Under Construction


  • 60%

    On Handover


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  • Direct sales
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Olivia Residences
Floor plans.

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Olivia Residences in Dubai Investment Park (DIP)
Olivia Residences by Karma Real Estate
Olivia Residences from AED1.1M
1-3BR Apartments: Olivia Residences in Dubai Investments Park
Olivia Residences - Dubai Investment Park (DIP)
Olivia Residences - Dubai Investment Park (DIP)
Olivia Residences - Dubai Investment Park (DIP)
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Olivia Residences

Olivia Residences is a cutting-edge residential building located in the vibrant Dubai Investments Park, United Arab Emirates. This remarkable development symbolizes a harmonious blend of elegance and innovation, redefining contemporary urban living in one of the UAEs most dynamic cities.

Architectural Excellence

Modern Mid-Rise Design

Olivia Residences boasts a modern mid-rise design characterized by clean lines, expansive glass windows, and a fusion of advanced materials. This architectural masterpiece reflects a commitment to delivering the utmost in sophistication and style to its residents.

Striking Façade

The façade of Olivia Residences is a testament to its innovative design. A captivating blend of glazing and wood-textured panels creates a striking contrast against the azure backdrop of the Dubai sky. This unique aesthetic defines and enriches Dubais urban landscape, making Olivia Residences a standout among its contemporaries.


A Strategic Address

Situated in the heart of Dubai Investments Park, Olivia Residences benefits from a strategic location that offers easy access to key amenities, business hubs, and leisure destinations. Residents will experience the perfect blend of urban convenience and suburban tranquility.

Lifestyle and Amenities

Elegance in Every Detail

Olivia Residences is more than just a place to reside; its a lifestyle choice. Every aspect of the project is meticulously crafted to provide an elegant living experience. From state-of-the-art facilities to personalized services, residents will enjoy the epitome of modern living.

Urban Oasis

Captivating Views and Natural Harmony

The unique design of Olivia Residences not only defines the urban landscape but also provides residents with captivating views and a connection to natural harmony. Its a tranquil oasis within the bustling city, offering a peaceful retreat from the demands of modern life.

Olivia Residences is a testament to the pursuit of architectural excellence and contemporary living. Its innovative design, prime location, and commitment to elegance make it a symbol of sophistication in Dubai Investments Park. Welcome to a world where elegance and innovation converge at Olivia Residences, setting a new standard for residential living in the dynamic city of Dubai.

1-3BR Apartments: Olivia Residences in Dubai Investments Park.
1-3BR Apartments: Olivia Residences in Dubai Investments Park.
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