Snagging 101: Why Snagging is Recommended for Property Buyers in Dubai


Buying a dream home in Dubai is one of the most rewarding accomplishments for all of us. Moving into a new property should mean that you take possession of your new home, without the need to fix anything. The truth is that receiving a perfect condition property is never the case. Some property buyers in Dubai have experienced faulty construction, with homes having major and minor defects upon handover. These defects will cost you time and money in the future. Hiring an independent snagging service in Dubai is in your best interest, as it will ensure you are receiving your property in the best condition. Snagging and inspection are essential whether you are a property buyer, seller or investor in Dubai. Property buyers must understand that snagging is an investment, that will prevent unforeseen cost in the future. 

Why Hire an Independent Snagging Company?

Snagging is a standard part of the handover process that property buyers should use. There can be unnoticeable defects in your property once you receive it. Problems can range from electrical, plumbing or external physical defects to your home. Snagging is identifying internal and external defects before the developer hands over the property to you. Independent snagging companies are non-biased and will thoroughly inspect your home of its condition.  This service ensures the developer, not you, will fix and pay for the defects.

Snagging can be especially helpful to international property buyers who do not reside in Dubai. If you are a property purchaser living abroad, you cannot see the condition of the property before the handover. You will need a professional to check all doors, windows and other components are working correctly. Relying solely on a snag by the developer is a risk.

Types of Inspection  

The pre-handover process is your last opportunity, to make sure your home is carefully evaluated for any structural errors and flaws. Conducting a snag inspection before move in makes it easier to address lingering issues. When you hire an independent snagging company, there should be a standard checklist of items at your property. You should expect the snag to include visual inspection of interior elements, wall conditions, indoor & outdoor electrical, air conditioning, fire safety systems and more.

The snag gives you an assurance that your household appliances are working properly. Experienced snagging companies can perform specialized snagging upon your request. For example, thermal imaging, which detects moisture intrusion and overheating electrical units is essential to be checked during the inspection. Specialized snagging also includes air quality and AC airflow reading. Consult with your snagging company if they provide these services. 

Detailed Inspection and Snag Report

Once the snag is completed, a detailed report will be given to you on all the major and minor defects discovered in the property.  Our team will digitize the inspection report through our fam Snag It application. This application is the most transparent method as the inspection report will be available digitally. The app dashboard provides updates on the number of snags discovered, open and closed snags. 

Handover Process 

You should expect the developer to fix all defects before you physically move into the property. Buyers should not sign any papers until the developers have fixed all issues. The developer should provide all warranty certificates at the time of handover. The developers' warranty should cover AC, water heaters and electrical units. We recommend you request for the layout of the property to understand where the plumbing and electrical lines run throughout your home. As you enter your home, do not hesitate to check all the accessories in your home are working correctly and all snags have been fixed.

The Defect and Liability Period(DLP) for most developers is typically one year. We recommend you conduct a follow-up service for your property before the DLP ends. Any defects discovered will be the responsibility of the developer. We advise all property buyers in Dubai to hire a snagging company in Dubai to inspect your property. An independent snagging company will save you money in the future and assure that the property is in satisfactory condition. Contact Fam Snagging team at +971555508111 to understand more about our investment protection services. Snagging and property management services are essential in providing the best return of your property investment.  

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