Why fam is the Best Real Estate Company in Dubai


fam Properties has evolved to become the No. 1 real estate company in Dubai and is leading the Dubai Property Market for the last decade with its innovative approaches to benefit the clients and smoothen the selling, buying and renting experience for them.

fam Properties have created a revolution in the field of real estate market in Dubai and made property transaction process easy like never before. With its primary focus on smooth selling, buying and renting, finding solutions to the challenges, 100% transparency, and providing the clients with arguably the best agents in Dubai- fam has developed a robust system to solve the problems faced by the customers and give them the best experience they deserve.

At fam Properties you are sure to get Better Values, Better Experience and Better Result. Now fam properties has over 7 branches in the whole of Dubai and over 300 Dubai’s best agents who help you each step of the way to get you ROI as promised and to help you achieve your dream lifestyle. In the quest of becoming the best in the market, fam has introduced several apps for the day to day needs of the buyers and sellers and worked on the core values of the company to transform the entire real estate old process into a more direct process which is easy, manageable and measurable. 

Let’s discuss why fam is the best real estate company in Dubai!

Fam Properties is built on trust, transparency, shared values, and integrity. fam has gone one step further to give the client the best experience in the Dubai property market with its data driven and technical approach to streamline the entire transactional process.

Transparency, Integrity, and Trust

As governments, businesses and communities grappled with the impacts of COVID-19 , the pandemic has brought the issues of transparency and trust into sharp focus. During times of such uncertainty, the need for transparent processes and accurate timely data becomes more important than ever. The company has succeeded to maintain it over the years among the cross-border investors, developers and occupiers of real estate with its robust tech-driven system and with the support of the best agents in Dubai.

Cutting Edge Technologies and Applications

fam properties is a tech driven company and keeps on innovating ways to make the selling and buying process easier. To do that fam has developed several mobile applications and online platforms to gauge and monitor the property market with real time date and property insights. They are Property Trends, fam fix it, iLandlord, and fam properties.

Property Trends: A perfect destination to understand the Dubai property market

Property Trends is developed by an experienced technical team of fam properties to provide the clients with the accurate data of the property market, right insights, performance reports, and a thorough comparative analysis of the transactions by time, properties and prices. It has so far helped thousands of investors to make an informed decision while investing in UAE real estate. Download the app or visit the website to explore more about it.

fam fix it: The most simplified platform to manage your property

The fäm fix is a property management application that allows clients to submit a request to fäm properties regarding home design repairs that need to be fixed. Clients can take photos of whatever needs repair and submit the photos to fäm properties through the app. This app caters to any type of Dubai real estate whether villas, homes or apartments. Once the request is received, fäm properties will happily contact and assist the client in resolving these issues. Simply download the App to explore more about it.

iLandlord: A centralized platform for landlord to manage everything about their properties.
iLandlord is a property management application built for landlords. Manage your property by keeping a track of all property expenses and cash going in and out. Sell, List your property to Rent or to Manage all from your phone. Click pictures, upload documents, list property, engage directly with buyers or tenants. Simply download the App, register and start exploring the limitless possibilities available at your fingertips.

fam Properties: Buy, Sell, List your property to Rent or to Manage all from your phone

fäm Properties is a full-scale, interactive mobile-first experience that enables you to browse through a verified database of quality property options ranging from Apartments, Villas or Commercial Units. Whether you are looking to buy, sell, list your property to rent or to manage, this app makes it super easy for you to get the best deal on the market. Simply download the App, register and start exploring the limitless possibilities available at your fingertips.


fam Properties has over 300 well trained and the best agents in Dubai real estate who are extremely knowledgeable and maintain the top level of professionalism. The agents at fam properties are highly qualified and RERA certified, they have ensured the top class customer service over the last decade and put the trust and transparency at the forefront of everything they have done. 

Awards & Recognition

For over 13 years of excellence and hard work in the Dubai real estate market, fam properties have been well recognized and rightly so rewarded on various occasions with top awards in the region. Many of such awards which are worth mentioning are:

  • #1 Real Estate Agency & Individual Agent Award Land Development
  • No.1 Real Estate Agency On Dubai Land Department App 
  • Real Estate Tycoon Award By Dubai Land Department 
  • Meraas' #1 Elite Award  
  • Platinum Partner Of Emaar Properties 


fam Properties is unarguably the best real estate company of Dubai with millions of happy clients within the border and beyond the border and has been successful in earning the trust of the investors from around the globe with its sheer commitment to the ruthless transparency and integrity of its reputation. Not to mention its technical approach to meet with the need of the era to make all property related processes smooth.


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