10 Ways To Effectively Use Colour In Your Home


We want to go home in a nice relaxing apartment, but in Dubai where most people are expats and all are busy doing their own thing, having a soothing space can sometimes not a priority. Let’s just say you’re living in an apartment in Dubai, work can sometimes be exhausting and of course we don’t want to go home in just a box. After a long tiring day, we are looking forward to take a deep breath and relax in an apartment that we can truly call home.

No need to transfer to a bigger yet expensive apartment nor forget all those massive furniture overhauls just to revamp your space. There are plenty of ways to turn your apartment from being a cave to a restful home. You just need to play with colours and understand how it will create pleasing illusion and how the use of colour can make you feel. Here are some of our top tricks and tips on how effectively use colour in your home.

Choose The Right Colour Combination

To create rooms which we feel good in, we have to choose the right colour scheme. It is important that we should take some time to plan and find out which colour suits your personality and the apartment. If you manage to come up with a nice set of colours, then it can be a useful tool to inspire emotions, set a mood or atmosphere, and create illusions. Try to go back to the basics of a colour wheel and see which combination is suitable for you.

Light Colours Create Illusion Of Space

It is true that light colours make a room look bigger, you can use vibrant colours like the shade of yellows or light greys to help create space for your studio apartment in Dubai. Avoid dark colours as it will absorb light, making spaces look smaller. As a warning, if you opt to change the colour of your rented apartment in Dubai, make sure to bring back the old paint of the room before your tenancy contracts end to avoid delay or penalty.

Use Relaxing Colours In Your Escape Rooms

After a long tiring day, you will need your escape rooms, these are your bedroom and bathroom. Use cool colours as it creates a soothing ambiance, plays with shades of green, blue or even lavender to calm yourself in your escape rooms. You can also use bed and bath accessories and incorporate it well to create relaxing colour dynamics.

Paint Your Kitchen With Red

Red colour has been shown to increase appetite for most people if you have noticed most restaurants choose a red pattern. You can actually play with shades of red in your very own kitchen at home. Red creates a welcoming ambiance and it is incredibly versatile that you can use multiple shades of red or try to blend beige walls with pop of red either on the cupboards and kitchen appliances.

White Colour For Bathroom Fixtures

Ever wonder why most bathroom fixtures are white? Well, not only it symbolises fertility and cleanliness, white colour makes cleaning easier in the bathroom. It is ideal to use a light colour pattern so you can easily see and clean all hidden dirt in your bathroom. You can actually add an extra layer of colour to your bath accessories but make sure to choose a tone that complements the totality of the space.

Accessorise With Colours

When we think of changing the colour of the apartment, the first thing that comes to our mind is to change the paint on the walls. But using colours in accessories such as throw pillows, rugs, art pieces, and vases can create an amazing impression without changing the whole colour of the wall. You can use bright colours such as shades of yellow, green, blue and red home accessories to create vibrant and happier ambiance.

Colder Colours On Summer

Dubai is known for its extreme weather conditions where most of the months are hot and summery. Aside from increasing the thermostat of your AC, you can actually cool down your apartment through proper use of colours. Colder colours like blue can make your home seem fresh and clean during the summer. A nice colder colour pattern can help you survive the scorching Dubai summer.

Warm Colours On Winter

The winter can be chilly but you can warm up your apartment in Dubai with deep colours. By using reds, oranges, and yellows in your home decor can make your space seem warmer especially during the winter. Also, warm colours add pop to a blank space, it will definitely create personality and interest to bland areas in your apartment.

Mix It And Match It

Another way to revamp your apartment is to mix textures and materials. Let your artistic side be your guide on your makeover mission. You can mix and match edgy from neutral colours to come up with a personalised and exciting home ambiance. As a warning, this can be risky but let your personality shine and do not overdo the process.

Call The Experts

When in doubt, call in an expert! Whether it is for home makeover mission or you want to sell an apartment in Dubai, consulting from the expert is advisable. There might be a misconception that hiring an interior designer is expensive but most can do hourly colour consultations and that will not cost you a lot. It is best to get it done right away than to commit and redo mistakes.

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