Transferring property ownership during the quarantine phase


The following step-by-step process outlines how to complete Property Transactions online without having to physically visit the Dubai Land Department (DLD) office during this time.

Stay safe, while continuing to invest in and profit from property.

  1. All parties (Seller / Buyer / Bank) should send all required documents by email to PropertyAgent who will coordinate with the Trustee’s Office to check and validate all requirements are complete, including but not limited to the below:
  • Seller’s IBAN Account No. & Swift Code

(In the case of International Account, the details should be confirmed & attested on Bank’s Letterhead or Screenshot from Online Banking App)

  • Contact Details of both Buyer & Seller (Email & Phone Number)
  • For Mortgages, Mortgage POA Contact Details (Name, Email & Phone Number) should be provided
  1. Trustee’s Office (concerned staff member) will verify Selling Price with DLD staff.
  2. Once Selling Price is confirmed, Trustee’s Office (concerned staff member) will proceed with placing the transaction in the system.
  3. Buyer will receive an SMS from DLD to confirm Buyer’s Account No., along with the details of the total deposits.
  4. Deposit Forms to be filled by the Trustee’s Office (concerned staff member), which will be attested by DLD staff post receiving Deposit Receipts from the Buyer.

For Mortgages, Mortgage Bank must deposit Manager’s Cheques on behalf of the Seller into DLD Escrow Account, paying according to stakeholders.

  1. These are the DLD Escrow Account Details:
    Bank Name: Emirates Islamic Bank
    Account Number: 3707342335101
    IBAN: AE310340003707342335101
    Account Name Government of Dubai Land Dept. Government of Dubai
    Currency UAE DIRHAM
    Branch: Dubai land Department
  2. The Trustee’s Office will then send an email to DLD’s Real Estate Registration Trustees section and provide:
  • Payment Instruction Forms
  • Procedure Type & Number
  • Seller’s IBAN
  • Seller’s EID
  • Fee Details
  1. A copy of the email sent earlier for the transaction shall be attached and sent for verification by DLD Staff.
  2. The Transaction will be received by the concerned DLD Department to audit and verify all data through Video Call with both the Seller & Buyer.
  3. DLD Staff with verify receipt of funds and transfer the amount of the sale, according to payment instructions specified.
  4. Transaction is now authorized by the DLD.
  5. The Buyer will receive the Electronic Title Dead by email.

(For Mortgages, Title Deed will be sent to the Bank, and a Copy Title Deed will be sent to the Buyer)

Throughout the process, your Property Agent will coordinate with all properties to provide updates, coordinate and relay important messages, and ensure a smooth transaction.

Please feel free to contact us at any time to speak to a specialist, or for more information and clarity

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