Top Villa Community Near Downtown Dubai


If your family is about to get bigger, it might be a good idea to upgrade your apartment to a villa, or you want more privacy and a larger room. We bring you a list of the top  Dubai villa communities near Downtown Dubai.

District ONE Villas

District One Villas come in three distinct Contemporary, modern Arabic, and Mediterranean styles, expressed with clever versatility and trendy aesthetics, offering an unrivalled lifestyle of sophisticated elegance while representing your individual taste. 

These homes create the ideal atmosphere for distinctly luxurious living, every day, from the vast, captivating architecture, right down to the minute fine details.

  • 4 Beds 6,393 Sqft 8.7M+
  • 5 Beds 7,823 Sqft 12M+
  • 6 Beds 9,903-9955 sqft 15.5M+

Sobha Hartland

Sobha Hartland is an 8 million sq. inspiring lifestyle, comfort, and luxury living in every detail. Luxurious apartments, stunning villas, and high-end townhouses in the waterfront neighbourhood. Introducing luxurious residences with expanses of lush green spaces, world-class services, and a range of mouth-watering restaurants, shopping centers, and entertainment facilities.

Experience Sobha Hartland with the latest concept of luxury. Located in the iconic Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Area, minutes away from Burj Khalifa, Dubai's only freehold community.

  • Townhouses 4 bed 3233 sqft 5M+
  • Forest Villa 4 Beds 6154-6856 sqft 11.9M+
  • Forest Villa 5 Beds 8806 sqft 17M+

Grand Views

Grand Views at Millennium Estates Built by G & Co, it is the newest community in Dubai's upcoming Meydan district, comprising luxury villas & townhouses. 

Glamorous surroundings and breath-taking greenery sights make Grand Views one of Dubai's most sought-after neighbourhoods. It provides a lifestyle that transcends the exceptional, with state-of-the-art facilities and elegant furnishings.

Grand Views' central location ensures that other main communities are conveniently accessible within a 15-30 minute drive, as the road network connects within 5 minutes to Al Khalil Road, 15 minutes to Sheikh Zayed Road, and just 20 minutes to Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road (E311). Two of the nearest neighbourhoods are Downtown Dubai and DIFC.

  • 4 Beds 3,150 sqft 2.95M+
  • 6 Beds 6,044 sqft 6M+ 

Polo Townhouses

Polo Townhouses envisages a private gated community and consists of 106 residences with two floors, three and four bedrooms. In perfect symmetry, it unites nature and modern architecture. It is supposed to imitate a natural resort covered with stunning landscapes and greenery. In the clubhouse, families will meet and socialize. There is a children's playground, a community pool, a restaurant, and a variety of entertainment halls for residents and visitors. 

All over the project, stone-paved driveways and walkways pass. The whole area is packed with greenery, lovely gardens, and trees. Every townhouse has a private garden, a swimming pool, and a private car park. These townhouses will be designed to the highest standards and will feature the finest and most comfortable finishes. It promises to provide warmth, tranquillity, beauty, excellent architecture, and a safe atmosphere.

  • 3 Bed Townhouses 2,733 sqft 2.6M+
  • 4 Bed Townhouses  3,300 sqft 3M+

Mag City

This integrated community occupies an area of 405,750m2 and features modern residences with a mix of apartments and townhouses, unparalleled facilities, sprawling open spaces, manicured gardens, and lush green landscapes planned and developed by some of the finest architects and developers in the region with careful attention to detail. It offers prospective tenants, both modern and timeless, elegant living spaces.

With 4,800 m2 of public space and 5,000 m2 of retail space, MAG City offers urban dwellers idyllic living space.

One of its key benefits is the location of MAG City. In the heart of Mohammed bin Rachid City, District 7, this well-designed community is MAG City offers its residents easy access to both Al Khail Road and Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, just a few minutes from downtown and Burj Khalifa, 15 minutes from the well-known beaches of Jumeirah and 20 minutes from the airport.


  • 2 Bed 1,650 sqft 1.295M
  • 3 Bed 2,080 sqft 1.53M
  • 4 Bed  2,930 sqft 2.61M

Millennium Estates

Millennium Estates is a new residential development located in Dubai's Meydan area.  The gated community, next to the grandstand, occupies the southern extension of the Meydan City Masterplan field. It consists of 198 luxury villas totalling 3.8 million square feet surrounding a site. Meydan is the master developer, responsible for roads and facilities, while the developer that designed the houses is G&Co.

It takes about 15 minutes to drive from Millennium Estates to Dubai Mall, 24 minutes to Palm Jumeirah, 21 minutes to Burj Al Arab, and 27 minutes to The JBR Walk.

  • 5 Bedroom Villas 5,221-7300 sqft 6M+

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