10 Tips For An Easy House Move In Dubai


Let’s face it, moving from one place to another would be one of the biggest household tasks there is. Unless you’re one with the Japanese who takes minimalism to the next level, then there would be less hassle from your side. For some, moving a house in Dubai might take you to the other side of the coin. But if you will plan ahead and stay organised it will become as easy as ABC and surely you are born ready to enjoy your new abode.

Here are 10 tips to help you for an easy house move in Dubai:

1. Get a head start and stay organised

Avoid putting everything under the gun when transferring to a new home. Chances are you have between 30 to 60 days to make an outline and ensure that everything will run smoothly until your moving day. Create a checklist and itemise everything that you need to do and accomplish in your current home and in your future home.

You might consider hiring movers to help you with all your household stuff or you might need to repaint and clean your current apartment in order to restore it to its original condition. These are just some of the services that you will probably need, you just have to set a date to when you want all these services should be done prior to your moving date.

2. Set your budget straight!

Just simply live within your means! Transferring to a new home in Dubai would be tiresome but if you ran out of the budget because of overspending is deadly. You know what I mean? It is easy to book house movers, cleaning or pest control services but there is a big difference between what we want and what we can afford, correct? Just set the budget straight, it is advisable to create a budget plan on how are you willing to spend to a specific service you need for your move. Design a realistic budget plan for all the services you need but keep in mind that cheapest service may not always be the best service.

3. Say goodbye to some of your items

Moving is a great time for you to seize the opportunity to purge and get rid of items that are not so valuable to you. Organise your belongings that you think will no longer be in use for your new house. If you have time, you can organise a garage sale, join a flea market event or just donate your worn clothes to goodwill. By doing this measure, it will lessen your burden in packing and move your things to your new home.

4. Book a moving company if needed. Help!

At this point, you have finally decided to get a help from a moving company. Be sure that you have discussed and explained all your requirements to your chosen mover. Your mover has to be informed properly even in the smallest details such as your move time, cost and equipment available. You can search online for multiple movers company, see customer reviews and identify which company can offer the best service at a very reasonable price.

5. Disconnect or transfer electric, Internet line and lease contract

As part of your moving escapade, you need to disconnect your Dewa account, du or Etisalat internet line and lease contract from your current home and surely you will also be needing the same to your new home. You can do the disconnection process 2 to 3 days before you move. You will need to present all the necessary documents for disconnection, which you can see on their respective websites.

On the other hand, if you wish to transfer all your line or apply, you can avail for DEWA, Internet, & EJARI package for a certain cost. This package will help you reduce all the paperwork, office travel and transfer of services to your new bought home. 

6. Ensure moving permits and let me go!

If needed, ask for your building supervisors or landlords for moving permits at least a week in advance. Some buildings and communities in Dubai require renters who are moving in and moving out to secure moving permits. This will help you find out whether there are charges for the apartment that you need to settle. This procedure will need certain documents that include your tenancy contract, passport and visa copy. Do this in accordance with your building policy in order to prevent delays in moving.

7. Finalise all the services that you need. Check and done!

Once you have arranged all the services that you need such as hiring a moving company, cleaning, and painting for your new and old home and application for utility connection. As much as possible make sure that all these services are aligned with your moving date, discuss with these service companies that you need to accomplished all of these at a given time.

Furthermore, if you need to restore the house to its original condition, you need to finalise to the service company all your consideration. Failing to do so might affect on your deposit. So it’s a No-no!

8. My deposit, please...

In relation to tip #7, once the keys are handed over and made sure the apartment has been restored to its original condition, you are free to ask your tenant supervisor to give your full deposit back. As long as you follow all the rules and regulations when moving out, your deposit should be given without any charges and deductions.

In addition, if in case you forget to do this in your old home, practice to take photos before moving in so you can see the original condition of the rented house and keep it in the record. This will help you minimise blowup in case you chose to transfer again to another home.

9. A well deserve scrub before you move in!

While it’s still in your budget, book a cleaning service before you move into your new home - Do this when everything is settled and in place. Once all your furniture and appliances are placed properly into your new house, why not hire a cleaning service? This will help brush up and scrub all final dirt from your tedious moving process. It will also add a new home vibe to your fantastic house.

10. Be nice and friendly! Smile and say Hi!

Start off with a big smile and kindness to your new neighbours. Inform them that you will be moving into the building or community on a given date. Speak to them that you will be using this kind of moving vehicles or there may be boxes placed in the corridors for example. As much as possible don’t let your moving in situation create inconvenience to your new neighbourhood.

These are just a few tips that could help you move into your new home in Dubai. These are made specifically for movers in order to lessen their dilemma and other issues when transferring to a new home. Good Luck on your move and I hope these tips will help on your journey to a happy move. Cheers!

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