The Value of a Sales Progression Officer in Dubai


Purchasing or selling property can be a stressful process. Working with a Sales Progression Officer is essential to ensure real estate transactions are simple. The Sales Progression Officer solves any difficulties that may transpire throughout the whole process. Having the Sales Progression Officer be the direct point of contact for the Buyer, Seller and the Bank expedites the process and avoids miscommunication between all parties. The Officer obtains necessary documentation for the No Objection Certificate issued from the Property Developers and the requirements needed at the Trustee Offices. Following up with all parties is imperative when Banks are involved. Failure to complete obligations promptly will result in delays or potentially endanger the entire sale. Sales Progression Officers manage the transfer of ownership process by preparing figures and percentage fees to the Dubai Land Department. The Officer provides a detailed report of the DLD fees required for the office transfer.  Sales Progression Officers are imperative to ease the real estate transaction process in today’s booming market in Dubai.  




Property owners working with a Sales Progression Officer are more efficient with their time. The Officer is familiar with legal changes by Dubai Land Department and Government bodies such as the Real Estate Regulatory Agency(RERA). Officers regularly update sellers on the selling process and any required documents. Listed below are main advantages when working with a Sales Progression Officer.

• Follow up with Property Developers and Dubai Land Department

•Confirm the outstanding Mortgage is settled and the seller is no longer bearing liabilities (only applicable if Financed Seller by coordinate with the Lenders.

• Provide a detailed statement documenting the service charges the buyer shall refund the seller (if appropriate) on the date of transfer and the exact amount of money you will receive in Manager’s Cheque/Cash. The statement will include the amount the Seller shall refund to the Buyer if the unit is tenanted

• Attend all required appointments with the Developer and the final transfer at the Trustee Office

• Officers request for the final bill and clearance of your utilities and service providers


Understanding the Selling Process for the Seller


The process to sell property in Dubai depends on whether it is a cash transaction or a financed through a mortgage by a bank. As the seller, it is your responsibility to cooperate with the Sales Progression Officer's instructions. The officer may request original documents necessary to complete the sales process.




Purchasing a home is a challenging experience for anyone as Dubai’s rules and regulations constantly change. Sales Progression Officers guide Buyers throughout the whole process of transfer. The Officer manages all required steps to complete property transfer.

Listed below are the main advantages when working with a Sales Progression Officer.

•Officers inform Buyers on the progress of your resale

• Identify difficulties and implement solutions to avoid delays of


• Complete requests by the Developers and Dubai Land Department

• Communicate with Lenders to confirm the property valuation is finished to follow up for the Final Offer letter (only applicable if

Buyer is purchasing property using a Mortgage)

• Provides a detailed description accounting for the pro-rata service charges Buyers are required to pay to the Seller (if applicable) on the date of transfer, the amount of money the Buyer will prepare in Manager’s Cheques/Cash for the Seller and NOC fees for the Developer and registration fees for Dubai Land Department

• Officers attend required appointments at the developer's office and the final transfer at the Trustee office

• Register the property with DEWA and an A/C provider

• Confirm the Title Deed is complete by checking with the Dubai Land Department


Understanding the Purchasing Process for the Buyer


The process to buy property in Dubai depends on whether it is a cash transaction or a lender is involved. It is the Buyer's responsibility to provide the Sales Progression Officer with necessary documents to proceed with the process. Our officers seek to guarantee the entire purchasing process is positive for the Buyer. Our Sales Progression team is available today to answer your inquiries.

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