The Importance of Thermal Imaging in Home Inspections


Thermal imaging inspection plays an important role in identifying problems or areas with potential problems in a house. The use of advanced technology such as the Infrared Thermal Camera helps the home inspector to precisely detect problematic areas in a property that cannot be identified by conventional visual inspection methods. Thermal imaging detects hot and cold signature of areas which aid the inspector to identify critical spots in the house that may require remedial action. The home inspector uses the infrared thermal camera to see beyond the physical elements. Viewing the ceiling of your home with your naked eye won’t help you uncover any of the problems it may hide underneath but a professional home inspector will be able to do so with thermal imaging.

What Thermal Imaging reveals in inspection

Thermal Imaging can reveal a lot of hidden issues such as moisture, water intrusion and leakage, anomalies in electrical system, energy loss, insulation issue, air-leakage, structural concern, potential pest and molds infestation, AC and ventilation problems.

Let us go through some of the most common problems in the house that we can find using the thermal camera

Water intrusion and moisture:
Hidden moisture or water intrusion can be difficult to detect during its early stages and could lead to costly damage if detected too late. Thermal Imaging can quickly and precisely locate affected areas without the need to tear down the wall, floor, or ceiling.

Electrical faults:
Electrical components tend to overheat if they are faulty or overloaded. Overheating parts usually appear bright yellow or orange when imaged with an infrared thermographic camera. These distinctive colors are the basis on which faulty components and those working properly are called apart.

Mold infestation:
Moisture is a big issue that gets revealed during thermal inspections which include hidden sources of mold since molds thrive in moist surfaces. Through non-destructive and non-invasive means, thermal cameras can locate potential hidden molds infestation through moisture detection.

Plumbing and drainage Issue:
Inspecting pipes would be such a tedious and almost impossible task without thermal imaging. Think of a leaking drainage pipe, It would take a lot of time to detect where the leak is if the pipe is concealed. Regardless of whether the pipes are under the floor, embedded in the wall or above the ceiling, thermal imaging is able to provide very clear and distinctive images. These images can help detect where the pipes are leaking.


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