The House Always Wins: Going All-In on Holiday Homes


In recent years, there have been signs that the UAE may be opening up to gambling. Recently, Wynn Resorts announced plans to build a casino in Ras Al Khaimah, and Caesars Palace Dubai opened its doors at Dubai’s BlueWaters Island in 2022. These developments suggest that gambling may soon be more widely available in the UAE.

Gambling is a major draw for tourists in many countries, and the UAE could see a significant increase in visitors if it becomes a gambling destination. These changes will both boost the economy and create jobs.

But what if you’d prefer to put your money into safer hands than a deck of cards?

What if I told you you can benefit from these changes without risking a single dirham in a casino?

Gambling will lead to an increase in holiday home rentals in the UAE. Many tourists who gamble prefer to stay in apartments or villas where they can gamble in private, or simply get a taste of how the locals live. Either way, this rise in tourism will benefit owners of holiday homes.

Of course, there are also potential downsides to legalizing gambling in the UAE. Some people worry that it could lead to an increase in crime and social problems. Additionally, gambling can be addictive, and there is a risk that some people could become financially ruined if they gamble too much.

Legalizing gambling in the UAE could have positive and negative impacts, while holiday home investors will remain on the positive side of the game.

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