The Great Millionaire Migration of 2022


According to the Henley Global Citizens Report - 2022, we saw a massive increase in the number of high-net-worth individuals migrating in 2022.

The top destination for wealthy migrants was by far the United Arab Emirates, with charming allurements like the beautiful emirate of Dubai, the enticing Ten Year Golden Visa, tax-free living, economic stability, and more than enough supply of beautiful luxury properties. The value of properties in Dubai nearly doubled when compared to 2021, with a total sales value of AED 34B.

To learn more about exactly where in Dubai these wealthy individuals are locating to, check out this helpful blog post.

Dubai - United Arab Emirates

The destination runner-up for top HNWI migrations was Australia, with its low cost of health care, lack of inheritance tax, and generally prosperous economy. 

Which countries are millionaires leaving?

In terms of the percentage of HNWIs lost, Ukraine is by far on top, followed unsurprisingly by Russia. 

In terms of the number of HNWIs lost, population is the key factor, with Russia, China, and India being the top three.

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