The Direction Your House Faces Matters


When buying a home, some factors like location, price, ROI, number of units and much more are things to consider before proceeding with anything. But sometimes, the direction of the home is not taken into account. It’s also important as the floor coverings and kitchen size. So why does the direction of your home faces matters? Here are a few points:


  • Sunlight

It’s good to have some sun flowing in the house. Natural sunlight can make a home look and feel brighter and lighter and give the feeling of more space. Find a location or unit where the sun hits the windows. Choose mid to high-rise buildings with views and provides warm sun and cooling breezes. There are great places in Dubai that provide plenty of sunlight, like Dubai Marina, Nikki Beach Residences, Business Bay and more.


  • Energy Efficiency

The direction the house faces plays a critical role in energy consumption and liveability. And so the advantage of having sunlight in the house can have a big impact on power use. the more light and less electricity to use.

If residences have wide glass windows, the interiors will be more exposed to the changes in temperature. 

There are various projects in Dubai that offer just that; Talal al Ghaf and Imperial Avenue are great examples of energy efficient areas.

  • Views

Depending on the scenery, some projects with great views are all the worthwhile. Water is definitely a mood booster and has some mental and physical benefits.

An example of waterfront living would be as residential areas such as Dubai Creek Beach in the most coveted locale of the city, Dubai Creek Harbour, and Bluewaters Residences, situated within the man-made island, Bluewaters Island. It allows residents breathtaking views of the Dubai skyline, the sea and beyond.

Other than Arabian Ranches, Central Park is a superb setting for a healthier and active lifestyle at City Walk. It will bring residents closer to nature at the same time allows the experience of tranquility of true park living in the family-friendly neighbourhood.

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