Get a UAE Residency Visa When Buying a Property for $205k

  • Get a UAE Residency Visa When Buying a Property for $205k

    The Taskeen Scheme is an investment program used in the UAE to purchase residential property. This service allows a real estate investor who owns a property worth AED 750,000 or more at the time of acquisition to apply for a three-year renewable resident visa, as well as sponsoring his or her spouse and children.

    Required Documents

    Through Dubai Rest

    1. Filling in Title Deed Information

    Dubai Land Department – Main Office (Cube Centre)

    1. Passport
    2. Availability of an electronic copy of the title deed certificate

    Service Terms


    1. The minimum property value is 750,000 AED
    2. In case the property is a mortgage, 50 % of property value or at least 750,000 AED is to be paid to the bank. NOC letter in Arabic along with a mortgage bank statement will require to proceed with a visa application.
    3. Husband and wife can Share in one property and the value of the property is 750,000 AED or more. (marriage certificate attested required).
    4. POA will require in case the application will submit on behalf of the investor.

    Family Visa

    1. Noc letter from the father, attested by the notary public (in case the mother is the sponsor).
    2. Daughter over 18 years old (Unmarried letter) .
    3. Must Bring National ID for ( IRAN – PAKISTAN – IRAQ – LIBYA – AFGHANISTAN )

    Parents Visa 1 Year

    1. National ID for ( IRAN – PAKISTAN – IRAQ – LIBYA – AFGHANISTAN )

    Note : The only applicants are allowed to get into the centre.

    Service Procedures:

    • Step 1: Download the Dubai Rest app and fill out the application.
    • Step 2: If the request is authorized, the customer is called to complete the procedure.
    • Step 3: The customer pays the fees at the Cube Centre in the Dubai Land Department main office.
    • Step 4: The medical exam takes place at the Centre.
    • Step 5: Place the visa in your passport and print it.


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