Why do you need a snagging list report?


After you have decided to buy that house of your dreams, you need to do due diligence before proceeding to complete the payment process. 

The beautiful home that you want to buy; there is a high possibility that there are defects that you won’t discover if you don’t check properly. 

The house might be a penthouse, one of the new projects by DAMAC; still, you need to check if there are minor defects the home builder missed out or did wrong.

It is your house builder’s responsibility to check and fix any cosmetic defects before you complete the sale, but it is unlikely they are going to pick up on everything.  

The impossibility of them picking these defects is why you need a snagging survey.

According to top Dubai real estate agencies, a snagging survey is a must for home buyers. The survey is an examination of a new house to detect snags or defects.

A snagging list is, therefore, a list of all the discovered defects after a snagging survey. Most snagging companies say they discover up to 150 defects in new homes after their survey. This stat is revealing because it shows the importance of snagging surveys; it doesn't matter how unique the house is.

Your new home, after its completion, should have passed housing regulations inspections. A structural warranty must have been given to the property before it was listed for sale. But still you would need to hire the services of a snagging company to do a thorough examination of the property.

The snagging list includes any structural defect in any part of the property. Poorly fixed plumbing, door hinges, shabby brickwork, paintwork with scratches, poorly landscaped gardens are some of the issues a snagging survey list would have.

The best time to make a snagging list is when you and the seller or his/her lawyers are exchanging contracts. When a snagging survey is carried out before the final agreements are signed, you stand in a better place when negotiating.

The snagging list also assures you, somewhat, that the house you are moving into is safe from any possible defects. 

Furthermore, a snagging list makes you, as the buyer, feel confident that you are getting your money's worth. According to top real estate brokers in Dubai, it is wise to get a valuation survey of the house before final contracts are signed. A valuation survey alongside a snagging review ensures the property you are buying is in perfect, or at least near excellent condition, and the valuation is tandem with the market price.

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