How to set up the Internet and handle DEWA before moving into your new Dubai home


Dubai is a great place to live which means more and more people are buying or renting property here. Once you have completed the deal for your new Dubai home then you will naturally be excited to move in right away. Before you do though, take a bit of time to sort out the utilities in your new pad. Alongside electricity and water, you need to make sure your internet connection is sorted out too. But how do you go about it?

Get up to speed with providers

In Dubai, both water and electricity come from the same company who are called DEWA. This makes it a lot simpler as you only have to contact the one company to get both utilities sorted. When it comes to hooking up your internet, there are two choices of provider - du or Etisalat. Both have a good network to rely on, so it is a case of looking at which offers the best deals. 

Make your applications

Applying to DEWA is actually pretty simple and can be done easily online now. Just register an account with them, submit the paperwork they ask for and make the required payment securely through the DEWA website. If you would rather, a visit in person to their Customer Happiness Center is the next best option.

When it comes to setting up your internet, the provider you choose may let you set-up a home visit. This can be much better than having to stand in long queues at your nearest physical store. If you cannot do this, head in-person to your local internet provider outlet when it is quiet. 

Fees and timescales

Naturally, there will be a cost to bear when setting this up in your new home. For DEWA, this is AED 150 which covers your registration, connection and other associated fees. For large meters, you will have to pay an additional AED 200 fee. A security deposit to the value of AED 2,000 will be needed for a flat or AED 4,000 for a villa. 

When it comes to internet connection fees, this will vary depending on your individual provider. Naturally, you should find out what this will be in advance and get the best deal you can.

Once your applications have been accepted and fees paid, water and electricity should be with you within 24 hours. An Internet connection can take a little longer but should be done within a week. 

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