When it comes to any real estate transaction there are certain steps and documents that need to be in place in order to successfully transfer a property.

The Problem

But what do you do if the seller loses the title deed? To make the challenge even more challenging: the buyer had given the seller a really tight deadline to sort out all of the documents needed to transfer the land, as the security clearance could take up to 2 weeks to be issued. We had to act and we had to act fast.

The Solution

As my client panicked, it was my time to focus. I went into overdrive to make everything happen.

I headed straight on the case to getting the client his title deed back. Armed with my years of experience, knowledge and great relationships built with necessary parties concerned, I began running from department to department to get things done in time. I knew exactly what needed to be done, therefor I could get right on it.

The seller was with me in the car all day and what he said, I will always remember:

“If I hired the best drivers to navigate the city, they would not be like you;
if I hired the best attorneys in the city, they would not know what you know;
if I hired the best PA for the day, that person would not support the way you did!”

The Result

The surprise and overwhelming relief on the seller’s face when the Head of Customer Care told him that all the stamps on the documents held today’s date is something that I will remember and be proud of always. Normally these kinds of processes can take up to 7 to 8 working days!

How Can We Help You?

It was never about the commission I was making from this deal, my only focus throughout was on making the owner confident that he had chosen the best Real Estate consultant in town. Because deals come and go, but relationships are forever!

I was able to provide the necessary steps to get the client his title deed back in a very short period of time, because I knew what I was doing. That is why it is very important to work with a knowledgeable and experienced Real Estate Consultant.

With every big transaction, there can be challenges and hurdles to overcome. In situations like this, it can mean dropping everything else to offer 100% support and attention to your client.

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