How much can a good school zone affect the price of your home?


Most home buyers, especially those with children or who hope to have children in the future, prefer to buy a property that is in close proximity to a good school. This has really driven up the demand for homes located near such areas. With the increased demand, it is no surprise that the prices of properties in school zones have also gone up.

Schools that are popular and sought-after influence the purchasing price of properties in the catchment areas, improving their value. The main reason why most people prefer properties close to quality schools is the automatic school acceptance policy which automatically qualifies people living in particular catchment areas to be enrolled in the school. Since the alternative for enrollment may be an audition or test, most parents prefer to make the proximity to a good school a factor when making their decision to buy a home.

Another reason why school zones are popular with buyers is the reduced commuting time that helps to relieve everyone involved of undue stress. When living far from a school, mornings are panicked for most families as the parents have to prepare for work while also worrying about how the kids are going to commute to school. With increasing career demands, increasing traffic levels and burgeoning lifestyles, being close to a school will make a very big difference in the lifestyle of the families involved.

Living close to a school reduces the commuting time for families and especially where both parents have to work, this really takes a load off their backs. When a school is close-by, both parents and children can have more time in the morning for themselves as only a short commute time is required. This allows more time for breakfast, helping to lower the stress levels for not just the kids but also the parents.

For parents who like to follow up on the progress of their children in school. Living close to the school their kids are attending makes this easy. It allows the parents to take part in school activities required of them more easily and they can always walk to the school to check up on their children’s progress.

The above factors make properties close to quality schools catchment areas especially important for families, causing property around such places to bear a significantly higher value.

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