Revolutionary 3D Home Construction Only Takes 24 Hours


Homebuyers searching for an affordable home might be able to print their property in the near future. A US-based 3D printing firm is revolutionizing the real estate industry in building small affordable homes. Apis Cor announced it ability to 3D-print concrete walls for homes in only one day. Apis Cor states that its 3D homes are durable and capable of withstanding severe weather conditions. This massive 3D-printer home construction technology was successfully tested in Russia. Apis Cor built their first house this year in Russia during the coldest season with temperatures as low as -35 degrees Celsius to prove the durability of their homes. The successful construction in Russia resulted in the development a comfortable 400 square foot homes under duress weather conditions.


The brilliance of this technology stems from the fact that the 3D printer is easily transported while capable of installation and dismantling easily. The 3D printer is a tower crane that is placed in the center of the construction area. The crane ejects layers of concrete mixture that can last for approximately 175 years. The printer only requires two employees to operate the crane and it consumes 8 kilowatts of powers. After the walls are successfully printed, contractors install insulations, home appliances, windows and a flat roof. Apis Core states that it can develop and furnish 3D homes for a cost of $10,000. The company claims the windows and doors are the most expensive components of the home.

With the successful construction of 3D printed homes in Russia, spectators can imagine how Apis Core's technology can assist humanity. 3D homes could quickly be constructed to assist anyone impacted by natural disasters or displaced from conflict.

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