Renting in Dubai? Know your rights as a tenant


Dubai’s rental market has emerged as very lucrative yet flexible. Tenants enjoy a range of attractive property options and negotiation benefits. However, like any other market, there are a few issues the tenants might face. 

The most common of them are rent increases, evictions, and rent disputes. Here is what you need to know -

In case of rent increase 

If the landlord is increasing the annual rent, he must do so in line with the RERA Rental Price Calculator and give the tenant a 90-day notice period before renewing the contract. 

The tenant can choose to accept the increase or refuse it, under the condition of giving the landlord 60 days’ notice before the renewal date to vacate the property.

In case of eviction

If the landlord chooses to evict the tenant, the reason for eviction should fall within one of the grounds stated in Article 25(2) of the Tenancy Law.

Also, the landlord should provide a 12 months’ notice to the tenant prior to the date of eviction through the notary public or by registered mail.

In case of a rent dispute

If the tenant is facing a rent dispute with the landlord, its important to secure the Ejari contract. An official complaint can be made by the tenant with the Rent Disputes Settlement Centre at the Dubai Land Department office.

The originals and copies of the following documents are required when filing a rental dispute complaint:

Passport and Visa

Emirates ID

Ejari certificate

Original blue tenancy contract

Recent DEWA bills

Rental deposit slip

Copies of cheques issued to the landlord

Title Deed and Passport copy of landlord (originals are required if you are the landlord)

Copies of any correspondence between tenant and landlord regarding the rental increase or dispute at hand

Any other documentation that can help support your case

If this is in relation to a commercial property, then you will need all documentation in relation to the business (trade licenses, etc).

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