New Certificate Service Addresses Problematic Tenants and Rental Disputes


In response to increasing reports of rental payment defaults and delinquencies, Dubai’s Rental Dispute Centre (RDC) has recently developed the Rental Good Conduct Certificate Service.

According to RDC director Judge Abdulqader Mousa: “The new service implements the initiatives offered by the centre to reduce rental disputes and was initiated following the monitoring of several cases where a tenant rents a unit and only pays the first installment of the agreed total cost.”

The system enables users to look into the record and history of landlords and tenants through a mobile app which features three options: Inquiry on Tenant, Inquiry on Leaser and Inquiry on Request Status.
Users will be able to check for pending cases filed against them, giving them the opportunity to settle disputes accordingly. With this, legal liabilities that could result in travel bans or account seizures can be avoided entirely. The service also allows tenants to vet prospective landlords based on available information in the system.

Property management companies stand to benefit from using the service as they will be able to find information on clients they intend to contract with.
The RDC director has given adequate assurance that the service will adhere strictly to confidentiality laws. The launch of the certificate system is part of ongoing initiatives to integrate new technologies into government services.

The service is now available via the RDC application, which can be downloaded via the Apple and Google Play Store.

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