Registration of Inherited Property in the Dubai Land Department


Inheriting a property can be a complex process, whether you are a UAE citizen or a resident.
Obtaining legal ownership of the inherited property requires registering it in the Dubai Land
Department. This can be a complex task, but with the help of a professional conveyancer, it can be
hassle-free process.
Dubai Land Department has established a process to register inherited properties, enabling
customers to transfer ownership of the property from the deceased to the heirs. The process
ensures that the transfer is registered according to the succession certificate through a well-
documented procedure.
To initiate this process, you need to provide certain documents. A succession certificate from the
Court is the most important document required to register an inherited property. Additionally, you
will need to provide Emirates ID Cards of all heirs (UAE citizens and residents) and copies of valid
passports for heirs who are non-residents. If the property is mortgaged, a no-objection letter from
the mortgagor is needed. Finally, a letter from Dubai Courts or other Emirates Courts or the
department from the Awqaf and Minors Affairs Foundation addressed to the Dubai Land Department
transferring ownership to the names of the heirs is required.
The service fee for registering an inherited property in the Dubai Land Department Trustee Office is
AED 1,696. Indeed, this process can be completed in the Trustee's Office within 30-40 minutes.
At Fam Properties, our professional sales progression officers/conveyancers ensure that we guide
you through the entire process of assessing your deal, safeguarding that you have all your
documentation in place, and obtaining approvals from the authorities to complete the registration of
inherited properties. Our team of experts ensures that you receive a smooth and stress-free
registration experience.
For further details and information about the services provided by Fam Properties, please contact us
at +97143691704 or drop an email at [email protected] or [email protected]. You
can also visit our website to check our services. We will be more than
happy to assist you in your endeavors to register your inherited property in Dubai.

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