Property handover and its evolution in Dubai


If you want to know about the service charges and how you can negotiate with your Developer and how can you protect your investment? Then check out part 1.

Your Guide to Buying off-plan property in Dubai (Part 2)

What do you need to learn about the new wave of property handover for the coming 5 years in Dubai?

The good news is that Developers that sold their projects based on post-handover payment plans will be pushing very hard to complete their projects on time if possible.

So what does that mean for investors?

Property Payment Plans have evolved drastically over the past decade in Dubai. Originally the vast majority of off-plan properties were selling based on equal payments during the course of the project construction. The market then started seeing payment plans of 50% during construction and 50% upon handover, which have again evolved into payments up to 80% on handover.

But the 80% payment on handover was only the beginning as towards the end of 2016 we started witnessing post-handover payment plans that continued to evolve until some developers started offering 10-year post-handover payment plans. Which means that developers will only start receiving their post-handover payments once they receive the completion notice from Dubai Municipality; even if that meant that investors may receive their unit keys 6 months from handover.

So what does this mean?

·      Your post-handover payment will start prior to having your property in a ready to move-in or rent out condition. If you are an investor, this may impact your cash flow drastically which will also affect your returns on your invested equity.  

·      Your service charges will also start as early as you receive the handover notice from your property developer. (To learn how to negotiate Service Charges and How to Protect your investment on off-plan properties click on this link.

·      With many units being handed over at the same time, it is essential for you to:

o   Get your property handover appointment as early as possible.

o   Get your property snagged and inspected by a professional team of engineers, not by real estate brokers. Sign-up for our engineered snagging services.

o   Push and follow up with your property developer to rectify the defaults.

  • Receive your Key and move in, or assign a professional agent to rent-out and to manage your property.
  • Seek unbiased professional advice. Sales people at any developer’s office have one single mandate and that is to sell every and only projects developed by their company. Seek professional advice from an independent professional real estate consultant.

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