The nature of the impending recession – your best proactive strategies


The current misalignment between assets and liabilities in most banks, including major economies like the US, presents an unequivocal risk of complete devaluation to our monetary system. This hazard manifests itself in a variety of ways, from bank collapses to severe dollar devaluation. While the timing of this imminent crisis remains uncertain, its emergence is unmistakable. In light of this, the most prudent course of action is to utilize existing paper currency to acquire assets that are expected to retain their value amid periods of currency devaluation or a transition to digital currency.


Real estate is my preferred asset class because it offers tangibility, generates income, and provides various other benefits that I've detailed in “The Art of Real Estate Investment” offers comprehensive guidance on buying and investing in real estate, as well as practical advice on optimal entry strategies and common pitfalls to avoid. Furthermore, one crucial factor that sets real estate apart from gold, silver, and cryptocurrency is my deeper understanding of it.


However, it is crucial to note that turning a significant part of your paper currency into an asset class that retains its value can mean investing in any asset that you understand well and are comfortable with. You can invest in gold, silver, trophies, businesses or even cryptocurrency.


Remember, whichever asset class you decide to go for, it must be something that you understand well and can approach practically. If you want to learn about investing in real estate, I invite you to read my book “The Art of Real Estate Investment”. Additionally, can help you find the right property, and can provide you with all the statistics and market performance of Dubai's real estate market.


It's crucial to acknowledge that currency devaluation is not an unprecedented event. Many countries have experienced this phenomenon, albeit not yet with the US dollar. By studying how markets with devalued currencies have responded and identifying the best hedging strategies, it becomes apparent that the key lies in exchanging your paper currency for assets that retain their value.

What sets this upcoming round apart is that the USD, which historically has had the most durable value, is losing value at an accelerating rate. As such, the most rational and secure course of action is to acquire tangible assets like real estate, gold, and silver.


The key takeaway is that you need to take action before it's too late. Invest in assets that you believe will retain their value when currency devaluation or collapse occurs. Choose an asset class that you understand well and have a practical approach to investing.

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