Moving homes is still on for Dubai residents amidst Covid-19


Dubai residents who were planning to move into a new home were anxious when the government initiated a lockdown and prohibited public movement. Whether it was expiring rental contract or taking handover of a recent purchase, moving homes in the midst of Covid-19 imposed restrictions was a valid reason for worry. However, this was not to last.

The authorities have allowed companies providing home-moving services to operate sustainably, leading to movers doing 10 to 20 household moves each day. These numbers indicate a healthy trend that represents the continued performance of the Dubai real estate market. Be it moving out of necessity or in order to get a better deal, the lockdown effect keeps the market stimulated. Of course, safety concerns are of paramount importance and precautions are followed while moving homes safely during Covid-19.

Real estate companies leading the game are offering quality services with efficient digital methods such as remote viewings through 360 3D virtual tours, virtual meetings with agents, and contactless contract signing through courier services. 

A home is not just where we live but now its also an office, a school, and a safe haven that offers not just shelter and peace of mind but a sense of space in the age of self-isolation. With this mindset gaining momentum, it has led to residents to drop inhibitions and continue with their plans of moving into their new home.

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