The world's most expensive furniture brands


The most expensive furniture brands in the world are renowned for their high-quality materials, impressive craftsmanship, innovative designs, and yes, insanely high prices. Here we discuss some of the world’s most expensive furniture brands, and what makes them so luxurious:

Boca Do Lobo

Boca do Lobo furniture is exquisitely and exclusively made for anyone who can afford their high prices. The company has built a team of some of the world’s leading and most successful designers, allowing them to take the title of one of the most luxurious, classiest brands on the market. With this brand, you’ll find unique shapes and stunningly extravagant materials. However, you’ll also find a price tag of $20,000 minimum – a small price to pay for these exclusive designs.

Fendi Casa

Anyone who knows anything about luxurious fashion will be aware of the world-renowned Fendi Casa brand. You’ll find these prestigious, unique pieces of furniture in the most expensive homes around the world. If you want to indulge yourself in a cosmopolitan, glamorous lifestyle, you’ll find new living concepts and a successful fusion of fashion and interior design within the Fendi Casa range. Being such an iconic and world-leading brand, Fendi Casa furniture will be found at a minimum of 17,000€.


Thanks to their innovative and inventive talent combined with new technologies, Edra has created a luxurious brand which meets somewhere in the middle of artistic tradition and modern technology. Within their range, you’ll find furniture that is adaptable to numerous environments at a price of around 15,000€.


This company may be slightly older, but having been founded in 1945, this is a furniture brand embodying custom and traditional qualities. You’ll find stunning wood designs and a brand that has always stepped up to a leadership role when it comes to the design and manufacture of luxurious furnishings. Their success is a measure of a talented, dedicated team with a number of impressive skills that allow them to thrive in such a high-end market.

Restoration Hardware

This highly successful brand operates around 59 galleries throughout the world and will cost a buyer nothing short of $20,000. These designs are timeless, luxurious and authentic, with a value that is unmatched.

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