How DXB Interact Handles Mortgage and Cash Transactions Explained


Navigating the intricacies of mortgage transactions can be challenging, especially when trying to comprehend how these transactions are recorded on platforms like DXB Interact. There seems to be some confusion among users regarding the visibility and recording of mortgage transactions. Let’s clarify how DXB Interact handles these records.

Mortgage Transactions on DXB Interact: An Overview

First and foremost, it’s important to understand that DXB Interact does indeed show mortgage transactions. However, the way these transactions are displayed varies depending on the nature of the transaction.

Cash Transactions

Whenever a property is purchased with cash, the transaction is straightforwardly recorded on the sales transactions page. This process is simple and direct, allowing users to easily see these transactions.

Mortgage Transactions

Mortgage transactions are a bit more complex. When a property is purchased with a mortgage, the transaction is recorded in two places:

  • Sales Transactions Page: The mortgage transaction will still appear on the sales transactions page, just like a cash transaction. This ensures that users can see all sales activities in one consolidated view.
  • Mortgage Transactions Page: In addition to appearing on the sales transactions page, mortgage transactions have a dedicated page where they are detailed more thoroughly. This page focuses specifically on the financial aspects of the mortgage.

Details on the Mortgage Transactions Page

The mortgage transactions page provides detailed information about the mortgage, including:

  • Loan Value: The primary focus here is on the loan value, which represents the mortgage value.
  • Loan-to-Value (LTV) Ratio: This percentage indicates the ratio of the loan to the value of the property, which typically ranges between 75% to 80%.

Special Case: Mortgaging Pre-Owned Property

There is a unique scenario where an individual mortgages a property they already own. This transaction involves no buyer and no sales activity—it’s purely a mortgage transaction. In such cases:

  • The details of the mortgage transaction will only appear on the mortgage transactions page.
  • There will be no reflection of this activity on the sales transactions page since there’s no sale involved.

Why This Matters

Understanding how DXB Interact records these transactions is crucial for agents, buyers, and sellers. By clearly distinguishing between cash sales and mortgage transactions, and providing a dedicated space for mortgage details, DXB Interact ensures transparency and comprehensive record-keeping.

For agents, this clarity helps in advising clients more accurately. For buyers and sellers, it provides a clearer picture of the market dynamics and financial commitments involved.

In conclusion, DXB Interact offers a robust system for recording both cash and mortgage transactions. By displaying mortgage transactions on both the sales and mortgage pages, the platform provides a comprehensive view of property transactions. This dual-recording system helps maintain transparency and allows users to access detailed financial information effortlessly.

Whether you’re an agent navigating through the platform or a property owner looking to understand your mortgage details, DXB Interact has the tools to keep you informed and confident in your transactions.

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