9 Mobile Applications Business Owners in the UAE Must Have


Smartphone applications make our lives easier by providing accessible services, whether scheduling an appointment, enhancing communication, transportation reservations, etc. Business owners in the UAE are typically overwhelmed with daily tasks to increase company revenue and become more productive within the emirate's business competitive market. The UAE is world renowned as a business-friendly economy, attracting owners and entrepreneurs to have their company branch in the emirates. This article highlights 9 mobile applications business owners in the UAE must have to boost their success while working in the emirates.  


Most CEOs are known to think of brilliant ideas. However, due to being overwhelmed with daily responsibilities, many CEOs with busy schedules might forget to follow up on ideas that bring value to their company. Evernote is an ideal application for entrepreneurs to store their ideas.This application allows users to store ideas in the form of notes or save an interesting clipping from the Internet.  Ideas can easily be shared with colleagues via email or social media. The built-in chat option enables users to discuss ideas quickly. The premium version of Evernote includes a host of exciting features: notes, scribbles and clippings into presentations in one step. The app allows users to scan business cards and upload them into contacts automatically.

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Pocket is a unique news application, providing top stories that can be saved and shared with friends. Pocket users can find an article, video or link they desire to read or watch later and save it to the Pocket app. The saved links can sync across your phone, tablet, and computer, allowing users to revisit the link even when offline.

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Contactually is a contact management application that allows users to save valuable contacts and helps sustain potentially profitable relationships. CEOs meet hundreds of new people weekly. Though many people you meet will be irrelevant for business, there will be several contacts whose connection can advance to a profitable partnership.

The app merges all contacts from your smartphone, email and social networks in one place. Users can customize their contact lists by separating contacts into buckets based on their value to the person.The app will remind users to reach out to the contacts ranked most valuable. Users can add notes to each contact as a reminder of past discussions. Business owners can confidently follow up with contacts about their last conversation.

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Booking.com is a world-renowned application for booking hotel services online. Many business owners travel for work and require quick access to reserve a hotel. The app is useful for international business and holiday travelers. Booking.com is available in more than 40 languages and offers over 1 million active properties in more than 200 countries and territories.

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XE Currency Application

The Xe Currency app can successfully convert over 160 + currencies efficiently. The application does not require data usage, making it capable of using while offline. The app is user-friendly and runs easily on iOS.

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CM Security Anti-Virus App


China's Cheetah Mobile is one of the largest mobile app developers out there, claiming more than 650 million active monthly users. The company's CM Security antivirus app has a new home screen and offers extensive features and add-on modules to deliver more functionality. CM Security produces high-speed scanners at around 6 seconds to a scan all apps and under 30 seconds for a complete file scan. The quick scan button is conveniently visible when you open the app.

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Cam Scanner

CamScanner is an outstanding application invented to provide quality document scanning while using your smartphone. The application is well developed, making it user-friendly to scan multiple pages into one document or customizing the image by auto-cropping what you need. Users can access, edit and add notes to documents and backup or restore documents from an SD card.The CamScanner app is compatible on Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile and Blackberry.

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LinkedIn can be a powerful way for individuals seeking to make new contacts and build their brand. LinkedIn can be utilized to increase business to business networking. This is a commonly used social networking platform for business owners. Business owners are using Linkedin to share product news, information to followers, bloggers and consumers.

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WhatsApp is a powerful social messaging service, recently purchased by Facebook for $19 billion. This application is the most popular social application in the UAE and arguably the fastest growing communication app in the world. Whatsapp allows users to communicate internationally as long as internet connection is available. The app supports multimedia, video, voice notes, phone calls and can support multiple group texting. More than 1 billion Whatsapp users exist across the world today, enhancing your ability to communicate internationally.

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