Common mistakes to avoid when renting an apartment in Dubai


Dubai is among the fastest-growing economies in the world, and it has a wide array of job opportunities for locals and non-residents. As a result, more people move into the country prompting a boom in the real estate market. When looking for an apartment in Dubai, you should be careful to choose the one that brings value for money. Here are some common mistakes to avoid while renting an apartment.

Paying rental fees to the property manager and not the landlord

Most people make the mistake of paying the security deposit and rent charges to property brokers, agents or managers. The landlord may not be aware of the payment and since he owns the property, he has the right to evict you and you may end up losing a huge sum of money.

To be on the safer side, insist on dealing with the landlord and also ask for ownership documents for verification. Moreover, ensure that you receive a receipt after paying your rent to have a valid proof of the transaction.

Ignoring the transportation factor

When looking for an apartment, you ought to find one that’s not too far from your place of work. A walking distance is preferable since it’s more economical. It beats logic to get an affordable apartment than spend your entire salary on transportation. At times, transport costs may double or triple, especially if you’re far away from the city. Moreover, you may spend too much time and energy on the road leaving little to none for constructive work.

Signing the rental contract without fully reading it

Contracts have a way of surprising you if you’re not keen on reading them. Some clauses you may have otherwise not agreed with may be part of the legally binding documents. It is advisable to read between the lines and understand the landlord’s policies that may include penalties, maintenance duties, or termination clauses.

Assuming that an insured apartment extends to your valuables

Many tenants make the mistake of failing to insure their valuables. An apartment may have insurance for its structure, but that may not cover the cost of damage to your goods in case of theft or any other tragedy.

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